Adventurer's Club 2: Asylum
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Outdoor Map
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Hints and Tips

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Mini Spoilers
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General Walkthrough
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West Zinlasia

Mulysia... First Steps
The Magic Water Ski
Meeting Grimly
The Asylum
The First Three Keys
The Fourth Key
The Fifth and Sixth Keys
The Seventh and Eighth Keys
The Last Key
The Ethereal Void
The End

Miscellaneous Quests
Montezar's Problem
The Missing Bridge
The Firepit Puzzle
Timmy's Dungeon Quest
Happy Flowers
Sarcophagus Puzzle

The Keys
Faustus' Key
Scarabus' Key
Moreau's Key
Syn's Key
Caligari's Key
Phibes' Key
Goldfoot's Key
Polidori's Key

The Puzzle Vaults
Vault of the Elements
Vault of the Two Towers
Vault of Illusions
Vault of Darkness
Vault of Chutes and Ladders
Happy Birthday Vault
The Sound Vault
Vault of Perpetual Motion
Vault of Horrors

The Diamond Quest

Locations of the Red Books

Easter Eggs
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Hints and Tips
1)You MUST use a full party of six people to play "Asylum". See Spoilers below for the reason.
2)Talk to the people you meet and talk to them a lot. Their responses may change as the game progresses.
3)If you can't find somebody or something, ask around. There's usually at least one person who can help you.
4)Money is in very short supply in "Asylum". Be very frugal in what you purchase.
5)The are multiple endings to "Asylum"...four in all. Well, five, if you count dying. (And one is a joke, which occurs near the beginning.)
Mini Spoilers
1)Combat mode can be used for more than just combat. It can be used to
  "run" when dealing with timed puzzles. Also, you can split up the party
  and move each character to a different location. One puzzle requires all
  six members to be in a separate location. Don't start the game without
  a full party!
2)There a nine major 'puzzle dungeons' that you will come across. They do not
  need to be solved in any particular order. In some cases, just entering and
  attempting to solve one will move the plot forward so you can leave and
  come back later to try again.
3)Be sure to search all bookcases and desks in the second level of the
  "building" on Forbidden Island. You will find many vital clues to help
  you on your quest.
4)It is a good idea to have a balanced party, as you will benefit from having
  at least one mage and one priest. You won't have access to any high level
  spells, but you won't need them either. A couple fighters and an archer are
  a good choice to round out the party. None of these are necessary, though.
5)Some puzzles require the purchase of a certain item, so don't waste money
  and be sure you NEED something before you buy it.
6)The "diamond quest" is completely optional. It is there for an extra
  challenge, plus another way to make a little extra cash. You can use the
  money you get to buy a helpful item or two at "Winkie's Wares". Consider
  yourself a Master Adventurer if you find all twelve!

  As you begin the game, Mayor Brundig has this great idea to send you on a quest to convince the
Nephilim to build his newest resort hotel. He'll ask you to speak with Priestess Rasashuprr.
She'll send you to talk with Chief Menieklaws who will throw you out. Brundig will then give you
the blueprints to take to the Chief to try again. The Chief will have you imprisoned and sentenced
for execution. After he talks to you in your cell, take a nap. You'll be awakened by a guard. Get
some food from him and take another nap. You'll be awakened by some explosions. Look for an escape
route which you'll find through the firepit in the goblin's cell. You'll enter a simple maze...just
look for secret passages.
  When you get outside, you'll see a path through the mountains has opened. Follow it til you reach
the portal. Enter the portal and you'll appear in Mulysia.

  You'll first meet Grimly who will demand all your gold. You better give it to him. You'll then
have access to the first part of Mulysia. You'll meet Frida, the artist, who will pay you to pick
purple berries for her. There's Eunice and her daughter, Dott, who live towards the south. She'll
make rabbit stew for you if you bring her rabbit meat. You can find rabbits all through the valley
in the forests. Octavius can be found, fishing from his pier. He'll tell you about the water and
his late friend, Icthasis.
  Doc Montezar can be found in the north, across the bridge. He will need your help. You will also
find some boulders blocking your path. Solve MONTEZAR'S PROBLEM and he will give you the
Boulder Waker-Upper. Now you can get to the second half of the valley.

  Now you can visit Lady Penelope, who lives upside down. There's a gated home, which you can't
yet access, and another house that is locked. On the southern route, you'll find Winkie's Wares,
the shop run by Elmer. Near Winkie's Wares, you'll find an empty house with a cornfield, and a
large ditch. Above the ditch, is a floating piece of land, but you can't get there yet. You'll
also find a place where there used to be a bridge, but it's gone now. Now you need to collect
enough berries and sell them to Frida so you can buy the Magic Water Ski from Elmer. Most of the
berry bushes can be found in a small area surrounded by boulders and one Boulder Beholder. The
rest are scattered throughout the valley, in the forests. Once you have the Magic Water Ski, you
can now cross small rivers.

  Now you can access the last main part of Mulysia. You'll find Mayor Brundig at Judge Babcock's
home. You'll find a small island, with a locked building. Southeast of the Judge's home, you'll
find a cave. Grimly will appear and give you a cryptic clue as how to reach him. If you take the
boat, you'll find a waterfall. You'll need to get up the waterfall.
  If you ask around the valley for help, you'll find that Lady Penelope can help you. But first,
she'll send you on an errand to deliver an invitation to His Highness. Do this for her, and
she will give you the Magic Fan. Go back to the waterfall and you will turn it upside down. Sail
onwards through some simple watery mazes and you will come to Grimly's Place.
  Talk to Grimly and he'll tell you about his diamond hunt. Ask him about the bridge to Forbidden
Island, and he'll give you some clues. Find THE MISSING BRIDGE and head back to the surface.

  Put the Magic Bridge back and head over to Forbidden Island. Enter the Mental Institution and
go down to the second level. Examine all the desks and bookcases to learn a little about the
place, plus you'll find some vital clues for later. One book will tell about how to awaken the
Keeper of the Keys. You'll find him downstairs, in the portal room. Back on the middle level,
you'll find a storage room where the Spark of Life is kept...but it's locked.
  Go to Winkie's Wares to see about buying a lockpick. Elmer will be in a tizzy, cause Winkie's
disappeared. He'll ask you to search for Mr. Winkie and he'll tell you to go see Pyronicus for
help with the lockpick. Pyronicus lives southeast of Lady Penelope, in a cave behind a secret
passage. To get into his house, you'll need to find a bucket to get some water out of the well
and douse the fire barrier. There's one at Octavius' house. Pyronicus will give you his Magic
Lockpick, but you have to solve THE FIREPIT PUZZLE to get it.
  Now, go back to the Institution, and open the storage room door. Take the Spark of Life to the
Portal Room and revive the Keeper of the Keys. He'll tell you about the portal and the keys you
need to get into the vaults.

  Now you need to ask everyone in the valley about the vault keys. At this point, only three are
accessable. His Highness will tell you where to find Faustus' key. Doc Montezar will help you
find Scarabus' Key. And Judge Babcock knows where to find Moreau's Key. This will give you access
to three of the puzzle vaults in the Institution. Enter these vaults and retrive each portal
piece. Remember, all the vaults will reset when you leave, so if you're only half through and you
decide to leave, when you return, you'll have to start over. Also, bring plenty of food with you.
Some of these vaults are pretty big. You do not need to sovle the vaults right now. If you get
stuck, you can return. But, in order to move the plot forward, you need to at least enter each
vault and attempt to solve it.

  Now that you have the Magic Lockpick, you can enter the locked house south of Lady Penelope.
Here, you will find Priscilla and her darling son, Timmy. Ask Priscilla about the vault keys, and
she'll give you her sob story about how Timmy turned her boyfriend, Archibald, into a scarecrow.
He has a key. Timmy will disappear into his room, and you'll need to go after him. Timmy's room
is a lot bigger than you thought, as he's created a large, and a bit dangerous, play world for
himself. After solving TIMMY'S DUNGEON QUEST, speak to him about Archibald. Don't get mad at him,
or he'll send you to the pit. A high level party can escape the pit, but a low level party hasn't
got a chance. Timmy will admit that he just wants a friend. (You will need to discuss Archibald
and the key with Timmy's mother before you can pursue the subject with Timmy) So, off you go, to
find him one.
  During this time, you can also search high and low for Mr. Winkie. Ask everyone in the valley
if they have seen him. Soon, you'll come to learn the truth about Mr. Winkie, and then you'll
need to confront Elmer on this issue. You will know when it's time to do this by an in-game
message. Specifically, you need to ask Muntezar, Pyronicus, His Highness, and Lady Penelope.
After breaking into Winkie's workshop, you can ask Elmer to make a new custom item for you.
It will take him a while to do this, so it's best to move on, for now.
  Heading on over to Octavius' place, you'll find a new visitor to the valley. Montague, the head
of the Thieves' Guild, is here. Octavius knows where Syn's Key is, and he should be able to get
it for you, by now. It's off to the Institution, for the next vault.

  You should find a friend for Timmy in the Vault of Darkness. Bring him to Timmy, and Archibald
will be returned to his normal self. Go speak to Archibald and he will tell you where to find
Phibes' Key. He'll also give you the Wand of Dispelment, which will open up a few new areas. You
can now get into the walled house, near Lady Penelope. Cassandra lives there, and she has
Caligari's Key, locked in her bedroom. You'll have to figure a way to get in there, though. When
you've gotten the key, go back to the Institution and check out the next pair of vaults.

  Elmer should finally have the Magic Pogo Stick ready...except he gave it to Mayor Brundig and
you don't know where he went. You'll find him at Timmy's house. He's not quite himself, but a
talk with Timmy is all it takes to get him back to normal. He'll give you the Pogo Stick and then
storm off in a huff. Now you can get up the cliffs. Above the cliffs, north of Montezar's, you'll
find Maribelle and her lovely overgrown flower garden. If you've talked to Lady Penelope earlier,
you'll know that there's a key buried with her mother in the catacombs. The catacombs are blocked
by Maribelle's HAPPY FLOWERS, so you'll need to find a way to get past them.
  Maribelle will mention her son, Wendell, so now's a good time to visit him, if you haven't
already. He lives in the forest near Frida, past the tree illusion. Talk to him, you'll find he
has something to give you that might do the trick. When you get into the catacombs, you will be
able to find Goldfoot's Key...that is, after you solve the SARCOPHAGUS PUZZLE. You'll need to
find Mortimus, the caretaker, to do this. He's in the new section of the catacombs.
  If you explore the old section of the catacombs, you'll meet Drassius, the ghost. He will tell
you where to find Polidori's Key. He'll also tell you about another key you need, but you must
bring back the eight portal pieces to him first. Now it's time to go back and finish all the
puzzle vaults.(except the last one)

  When you bring the eight portal pieces to Drassius, he'll tell you about Grimly and give you
the key to open the building on the small island. Go there, and enter the building. Push the
button on the wall and take the elevator down to the basement. Check the bookcases and you'll
learn about the Bellero Crystal and more about Grimly. Go through the passage behind the bookcase
and you'll meet Grimly and find the Bellero Crystal. Now it's time to find Montague so you can
break into the last vault.
  Montague is visiting with Pyronicus, and it doesn't take much to convince him to help you. Meet
him at the last vault and he'll already have it open for you. Enter the vault and get the last
portal piece.

  You will have to chase Grimly through the ethereal void to get the last portal piece. At one
point, it will seem as if he has disappeared for good, leaving you wandering hopelessly about
inside the void. Search at or near the coordinates 34,21 and he will pop back for the final

  When you have all nine portal pieces, take them to the Portal Room and assemble them on the
floor in the correct order. Pull the lever, and enter the portal. This will take you to the
abandoned, underground facilities of the Institution. Look for the Crystal Maintenance Room and
check the bookcase to find out how to get into the locked room. If you have Brundig in your
party, you won't be able to get into the locked room. If you have Montague in your party, he
will be able to break the code and then you can shut down the Bellero Crystal. Head out of the
building, follow the passage, and you're home free. Well, not exactly home...
Miscellaneous Quests

  Doc Montezar will ask you to help him to return to his normal size. Take the ingedient bottle
from the chest in his bedroom and go to the end of the Octavius' pier to get some water. Then,
head south to the forest, east of Eunice's house. In the lower part of the forest, you'll find
a bush surrounded by rabbits. Get the berries and head back towards Frida's house. There's a
cave nearby. Inside, you'll find a river intersecting the cave. If you look across the river,
you'll see the toadstools that you need. There's a boulder by the riverbed that you need to push
into the river to stop the flow. Search the cave for a dead tree and get a branch. Try to use
the branch on the boulder, but you'll be told you need to find another rock to use to wedge the
branch between the two, for leverage. Look for a large pile of rocks. There is one, but it's
across the river. Look for a secret passage behind the waterfall and then you can get the large
rock. Bring it back to the other side and put it down next to the boulder. Use the branch and
push the boulder into the river. It will slow the flow of the river and you'll be able to cross
over to the other side and get the toadstool. Bring the ingredients back to Doc Montezar.

  The Magic Bridge is in Grimly's Grotto. Look in his library for a note about a secret passage.
Take the boat south of the 'Grimly's Place' sign and search for the passage. Actually, there's
one on each side. If you go through the left one, you'll find another boat. Take the boat as far
as you can and you'll find a dead tree near the river. You need to find something to chop the
tree down. Take the boat north, and get off on a small area of land. You'll notice something
funny about one of the walls and, guess what...there's another secret passage. You'll find a
lever which opens up a secret door. You can take your boat through the door and you'll be in
one of Grimly's treasure rooms. There's nothing in here that you really need so head on over to
his other treasure room.
  Take the secret passage on the right side of Grimly's sign and enter the other treasure room
the same way you did the first. In one of the chests, you'll find a golden axe. Take it back to
the tree and use it to chop down the tree. Unfortunately, the tree falls in the water and floats
away. But now, you can use the Magic Water Ski to get across.
  You'll find another locked building and guess don't have a key. Search Grimly's
bedroom and you'll find one hidden under the rug. Open the door with the key and you'll find the
Magic Bridge.

  You need to light ten firepits and end up with nine. Just think of the shipwrecked survivor,
stranded on a deserted island. Light the firepits so they form the number nine as if seen from
above. That's it. The fire barrier will disappear when you go near it.

  To unlock the portcullis to Timmy's Room, you need to find the right key. Go into the room with
all the columns and make your way into the center, avoiding the teleport traps. The Guardian of
the Key will materialize and give you the quest to find the Dragon's Eye. He leaves a scroll of
stealth behind. Head towards the dragon's cave. If you're a low level party, use the scroll of
stealth and sneak past the dragon and get the Tower Key. Going into combat mode and sending
a single member is the best way. If you're a high level party, you can probably kill the dragon,
or at least get past him without being killed. He can't leave his cave to chase after you. Go to
the tower room and unlock the door. Inside, you'll find the Wand of Freezing. Go to the dungeon
room and look for a secret passage. Use the Wand of Freezing on the fire barrier. Inside the
chest, you'll find the Jail Key. Use it to open all the cell doors and light the fires to melt
the ice in the center. Get the Dragon's Eye and return it to the Guardian. He'll give you the
Castle Key which will get you into Timmy's room.

  You can't get past Maribelle's flowers without a special item. If you try to hack down the
flowers, they will die, Maribelle will die, and then, YOU will die! Go see her son, Wendell, and
talk to him. Don't hurt any of his bunnies, or he'll get quite angry at you. He'll mention his
recipe for Wilted Spinach Salad and gladly give you a bottle of the Wilting Formula. (You must
visit the entrance to the Catacombs and click on the flowers blocking it before asking for the
Wilting Formula)
  Take it to the entrance of the catacombs and use it on the flowers. They will wilt, but not die.
Then you can step over them. (Just ignore their cries of pain) Actually, you can use the formula
on any of the flowers on the plateau. The effect will affect ALL the flowers, as you will find

  Mortimus will tell you there are spirits bound to the sarcophagi in the new section of the
catacombs. You need to give them codes if you want to open the lids. He stupidly tells you that
he has the codes at his house. Look for his house above the cliff, northeast of Frida's house.
Inside, you'll find a chest with a note mentioning the first four letters of the alphabet.
There's also a sarcophagus in his room. Talk to the spirit of the sarcophagus and give him the
code 'ABCD'. The lid will open, and you'll find a skeleton, holding onto a rolled parchment. He
won't let you take the parchment.
  Try opening the lid again, and this time, substitute Brundig's Resort Blueprints for the
parchment and now you have the codes you need.
The Keys

  His Highness will tell you where this key is. "IT'S OUT BACK!" Tell him you want to leave and
he'll teleport you back to the ground. Now, use the teleport cube and you'll appear on a small
piece of land, floating behind the main house. If you venture off this 'island', you'll find
you can ride air currents to a few different areas. North will take you to the outhouse.
Northeast will take you back to the main house. South will take you to the storage shed, where
you'll find Faustus' Key. From here, you can continue riding the currents back to the main house.

  Doc Montezar has this key...well, he thinks he does. It appears a rabbit has chewed its way
through the floor and into the chest where he keeps it. He'll give you a potion to shrink you
so you can fit through the hole in the floor and go after the rabbit. But be warned. You have a
very short time before the potion wears off and you'll return to your normal size. If you're
inside the rabbit hole when this happens, you'll die.
  The Doc has an unlimited supply of the potion, so you can make a few practice runs, just to
see how much time you have and get an idea of where the key might be. You will encounter some
giant bunnies. They should be a piece of cake for high level parties, and they're not really
that tough, even for low level parties. You can usually just avoid them. You shouldn't have any
trouble locating the key. If you keep running out of time, try going into combat can
get about three times farther than normal mode.

  Judge Babcock knows where this key is. Too bad you can't understand his directions. Actually,
it isn't really that hard. He says his sentences in order. It's just the words that are mixed up.
When he gives you the directions, it's in two sentences. He mentions directions and the number of
paces. In the first sentence, he mentions "west", "north", "11", and "23". In the second
sentence, he mentions "northwest", "northeast", "south", "5", "4", and "12". He also tells you
to begin at the "x". You'll find the "x" between Eunice's house and the forest. It's a group of
rocks on the ground. Stand in the middle and begin. Try combinations of the directions and
numbers in the first sentence. If you run into an obstacle, you've done it wrong. When you think
you've done the first two steps right, proceed with the next three. Here's the answer if you
still can't get it right. Go 23 paces north, 11 paces west, 12 paces northwest, 5 paces northeast,
and 4 paces south. Check the tree in front of you.

  Octavius' friend rests at the bottom of the lake with Syn's Key. You'll need to get Octavius
the right bait, so he can fish it out. You can find a magnet inside Mr. Winkie's workshop. Tell
Octavius you have the magnet and he'll use it to catch the key. It may take some time, depending
at what point in the game you do this. You will need to have entered and at least attempted to
solve the first three vaults. If you find Montague visiting Octavius, than he'll catch the key,
providing you've given him the magnet.

  Cassandra has this key, but her house is pissed at her and has locked it inside her bedroom.
You'll be offered a choice of a couple ways to get in, but these will just piss off the house
more and it will attack you. You'll have to leave and come back later after it has calmed down.
When Cassandra hammered a nail into the door, it didn't like it. You need to get the nail out.
Go to Doc Montezar's and buy the Hangnail Remover. If you don't have the money, you'll need to
visit Frida again. By now, she's working on a new series of paintings, and now she needs red
books to make the dye for her paints. See below for a list of locations to find the books.

  After you convince Timmy to return Archibald back to his normal self, go ask him about the
vault key. Archibald will tell you he's lost it, but thinks he knows where it is. He'll give you
the Wand of Dispelment. Go east, and cross the river. Instead of following the path, follow the
river south. The wand will reveal two invisible boulders which you can use to cross the river.
There, you'll find a 'family' of Beholder Boulders which you can awaken. Phibe's Key is under
one of them.

  This key is in the catacombs, in the sarcophagus of Lady Penelope's mother. You should ask Lady
Penelope for her mother's name. It will make it easier to find. You will need to speak to the
spirit of the sarcophagus and give him the correct code. The codes are written down on a piece
of parchment, hidden away in Mortimus' house. See SARCOPHAGUS PUZZLE above for the way to get
them. The codes are positioned on the paper in the same order that you'll find the sarcophagi
in the new section of the catacombs.

  Drassius will tell you where to search for this key. First, you'll need a shovel. There's one
near Mortimus in the catacombs. Then, go to the plateau, above the cliff, north of Frida's
house. Just walk all around the area until you find it. It's near a pair of 'weeds'.
The Puzzle Vaults

  There are four sections to this, air, fire, and water (what a surprise). There is
a colored orb in each section that you have to get. There are four squares in the northeast part
of the vault. One is sky, one is dirt, one is lava, and one is water. Drop the yellow orb on the
sky square, the green orb on the dirt square, the red orb on the lava square, and the blue orb
on the water square. A compartment will open, and inside is the portal piece.
Air section

  There are wind machines that are blowing you away from your goal. If you stand behind a tree,
you will be protected from the wind. If you stand more than two steps behind the tree, the wind
will blow around the tree, and you will be pushed back. After entering the room, walk a few steps
north and start moving forward, towards the closest tree. Then work your way through the maze
until you get to the center of the vault. You will find the yellow orb in the chest.

Earth section

  Here, you will find a grassy area, carved with trenches. Stay on top of the grass and walk
around to the southwest corner and get the Magic Shovel from the chest. Go back to the beginning
and step onto the boulder, and into the trench. Use the Magic Shovel to dig tunnels to access
each trench. When you get near the end, climb up the boulders, and go through the secret
passage. Get the ladder and return to the trench. Prop the ladder up at the north wall of the
trench and climb up and get the green orb.

Fire Section

  Make your way to the northwest section of this area and go through the secret passage to get
the Boots of Ice. Then go down to the center of the area and use the Boots of Ice. Go into
combat mode and take the party west, to the chest. Get the red orb. If you don't use combat
mode, the Boots will wear off and you'll be trapped. Only take the emergency exit if this
happens. Remember, the vault will reset if you leave this way (or any way) and you'll have to
start over. If you're a high level party, you can probably just walk across the lava and use
healing spells, but that's no fun.

Water Section

  Take the boat and search for hidden passages. Inside, you'll find chests, each containing a
Wand of Freezing. There are four in all. The last one's a bit tricky. It's in the southwest
corner. Use the wands on the flooded corridor between the fountains and change the floor to
a sheet of ice. Get the blue orb.

  You begin this vault in the bottom level of the left tower. As you explore this level, you will
find that there are several locked doors. You will need to find the keys to these doors. If you
climb to the second level, you will find several holes in the floor. You'll need to jump down
these holes into the rooms below. A low level party will sustain some damage. A high level party
will get narry a scratch. By doing this, you will eventually find four keys...the copper, pewter,
silver, and gold keys. These will unlock a series of doors on the fourth level.
  If you climb up to the top (level seven), you'll find you need an ivory key. Go to level five
and jump down the hole in the northwest corner. The ivory key is in the room below. You need to
find the ebony key, too, if you want to enter the second tower. You can see the chest it's in
on level six, but there are holes in the floor on each side of it. Jumping down the hole in the
southwest corner of level seven will get you to the chest.
  Now cross the bridge that spans the two towers and enter the right tower. You'll find a locked
door and a stairway down. Ignore the door for now, but don't forget about it. On the sixth floor,
you'll find a key depository. You can deposit and withdraw your keys from here. You'll need to
do this because you will have to go through metal detectors on your way down that will block
your path if you have a certain key in your posession.
  There are five paths to take down. One leads to the bottom, where you will find another series
of locked doors. The other paths take you each to a lever that opens one of the doors. But each
lever is locked behind a door, and you'll need one of your keys to open it. The best plan of
action is to deposit all your keys and head down to see which key you need. Then go back and
withdraw that key and unlock the door. Then go back and do the same thing for the other three
levers. Don't worry about the ebony and ivory keys. You can take them through all the metal
  Once you've opened all the doors, follow the path up til you find another key depository. This
one is connected to the first, so if you've left any keys in the first one, they'll be here. Now,
take the stairs and you'll be heading down again. You'll have to leave all your metal keys in
the depository to get past the metal detectors. When you get to the bottom, you'll discover
another locked door, but the key's in the depository. Examine the area for yet, another key.
Take that key all the way back to the top level and use it to unlock the locked door. Look for
a secret passage and you'll find a small room with a hole in the floor. Jump down the hole into
another room with another hole. Keep going til you reach the bottom. Get the portal piece out of
the chest. Don't take the exit portal before you do this or you'll be starting over!

  The Vault of Illusions is made up of several sections. One section needs to be completed to
get to the next. Here's the run down, by section.

Section One

  The first area consists of dozens of identical chambers connected together by short hallways.
Here, you will run into invisible walls and invisible teleportals. You will find yourself
running around in circles if you don't pay attention. The secret to getting out of this level is
to walk slowly. If you hit a teleport and keep going, you'll end up right where you started. But,
if you hit a teleport and immediately change direction, you can get into a new room. You will
need to do this, especially when travelling north or south. The exit is at the bottom center.

Section Two

  You will start at the middle of this huge, spiral-shaped maze. You need to at least get this
far into the vault (plus the first level of the 2 previous vaults) in order to progress the plot
on the surface. You will find more invisible barriers here, some secret passages, and a few walls
that appear and disappear. At one point towards the end of this maze, you will have to walk on
the walls, as they are actually floors, and the floor becomes, you guessed it, walls.

Section Three

  In the next section, you will find your way constantly being blocked by appearing walls. If your
way seems totally blocked, just walk around a bit and you might step on a square that removes
the wall. You'll also encounter invisible pits that will appear before you. Don't move too fast
or you're liable to fall in. Search for secret passages to avoid these. You'll soon enter a room
and find yourself trapped inside of ring of pits. One of them is just an illusion and you can
step right over it. Soon, you'll find the appearing walls to be more frequent. Some are permanent,
some will disappear in a few seconds. You'll just have to time it right to get past them. Next,
you'll enter a maze that is constantly changing. It's not that difficult to get through, really.
Just wait for a wall to disappear and continue through.

Section Four

  The last section is filled with illusions. Walls, doors, chests, stairways, you name it, will
pop in and out of existence. Look for an invisible teleportal in the southwest corner. This will
take you to the last puzzle. You will find a sign that says, "Ready...Set...Go!" This is a timed
puzzle. You need to make your way through a small maze to get to the chest at the end. It will
disappear if you're too slow. It will reappear when you go back to the start (where the sign is).
You need to take as few steps as possible to get to the chest. Try taking diagonal steps every
chance you can. And don't cheat by going into combat mode. You'll be in for a disappointment if
do. (Sneaky players may be able to get around this, though) The portal piece is in the chest.
Take it and head for the nearby teleport.

Part One

  Once inside the Vault of Darkness, you will find yourself in a small room with four doors. Each
door leads to a dark, maze-like area. These each lead to a corridor that leads to the main sections
of the vault. You cannot see the walls in these areas, so you will have to feel your way to the
corridors. You can only get to the north section form the north door, the south section form the
south door, etc. If you head north, you will find a spot where a campfire has been. You need to
build another one here. From this room, go west and you will see some of the floor tiles are lit
up, forming a trail. Stay on the lit floor tiles and the door will open. Walk on the black areas
and it will be locked. Go south to the next room and you will stumble across a bag of sand. Now go
back to the center of the vault and this time go south. Find your way to the southern quadrant
and soon you will come across a room with four mini gumbies. Slay them all and the door will
unlock. Go north and you will find a branch. Head back towards the center, but before you get
there, search the southwest corner of the large dark area. There, you will find a pile of rocks.
Bring the three objects back to the place where you need to build the campfire. After you've
built it, light the fire with the 'use' icon. The light from the fire will activiate the
mechanism on the compartment to the north. It will open, and inside you will find the Magic

Part Two

  Now that you have the Magic Lantern, you can light up the floor tiles as you walk across them.
Go east, and you will see that the floor tiles around the perimeter of the next room are already
lit up. Continue east to the next room and create the same pattern on the floor by lighting up
the tiles yourself. This will unlock the door. Take the stairs down to the second level. Go south,
and you will come to another room with mini gumbies. There is a line of floor tiles that is lit
up in this room. It is actually a 'one'. Slay just one of the gumbies to unlock the door. If you
slay more than this, the door will not open. You will have to leave the level, and solve some
other areas of the vault. When you return, the room should reset and you can try again.
  Proceed through the door and you'll notice a door in the north wall in the corridor. Go through
it and head up the stairs. You'll find a lone mini gumby who just wants to be friends. Take him
with you and bring him to Timmy later on. You'll also see a sign that says, "This way". This is
part of the Diamond Quest which is discussed in detail below.
  Go back down to the second level and proceed to the west. Go north, and you'll see another
pattern lit up in the floor. Walk only on the lit up tiles and the door will be unlocked. Head
south to a room with a firepit. Light the firepit and it will lit up a portion of the center
area. You need to do the same thing in each of the other quadrants. The puzzles are the same,
just with different patterns and a different number of gumbies to slay. You will pass another
sign about the lantern and a couple more locked doors. These are also part of the Diamond Quest.
  When you have lit all the fires, the compartment in the center will open up. Get to the center
area from the southern quadrant and take the portal piece from the chest.

  The first thing you want to do when you get here is to get the Emergency Exit Orb out of the
chest. This could get you out of some tricky predicaments, plus gives you a quick way out of the
vault when you finish it. When you use it, it will teleport you back to the beginning of the
vault. You could become forever trapped in this vault if you do something stupid and don't have
the orb. (Did I say 'stupid'?)
  First, jump to the moving platform and continue east. You'll come across a ladder. Climb it, and
then take it with you. Do the same with the second ladder you find. Keep going til you come to
the end of the floating island. Jump down to the island below. Use the horizontal ladder to span
the two islands. Use the vertical ladder to climb up to the next one. You'll need to physically
put them down to use them. Remember to always pick them back up.
  You will soon come to an island with a hole in the middle. Jump down through the hole and land
on the island below. Proceed east, and then use your ladders to climb higher and higher. Soon,
you'll come to the end of an island with no islands nearby. You need to make a flying jump. If you
do it right, you'll land on an island with a floor plate on it. This is a spring loaded plate and
it will propel you up to the next island.
  Cross the second moving platform and then you'll come to the Ladder Detector. Don't even attempt
to walk through this device while carrying a ladder. If stand to the west of the sign and move
north, you'll find a strong air current that will blow you safely past the device. Continue
forward, using the ladders as needed. You'll come to an island with two floor plates. Use the
top one to get to the farthest island. Keep going til you have to make another flying leap.
  You'll soon encounter another Ladder Detector. This one's a little trickier to get by. To the
north of it, you'll find another strong air current, but not strong enough to move you. Drop both
ladders in the air current and they will blow to the other side of the device. Now walk through
the device and retrieve the ladders.
  Next you'll come to another floor plate. It will propel you up through the chute, but it's not
strong enough to send you all the way. You'll need to find a lever. Pull it and stand on the
plate again. It will send you a little higher this time. Find the second lever, pull it, and try
a third time. The third times the charm, so they say. Leap from the island to the west and keep
  Next you'll encounter an island with five wind machines, each situated under a tall chute. The
wind machines will blow you up through the chutes. You need to maneuver yourself, through the
chutes so you can reach the top. With a littlw trial and error, you should be able to get
yourself over one of the higer parts of the westmost chute. Jump over to the island and use the
ladder to climb to the highest island. Jump back over to the chute, and maneuver yourself as far
to the east as you can, staying in the highest parts of the chutes. You can reach the top island
from eastmost chute. Continue west, then north.
  The final area consists of a small island in the middle, surround by a series of concentric
rings. You'll start on the outer ring. Walk east and continue around the outer ring. Use your
ladder once and then you'll come to a dead end. Walk back a little ways, and look to the west.
You'll see a spot in the second ring without a boulder. Jump over to that spot. Walk south, and
around the second ring until you hit another dead end. Walk back a few steps, and jump west,
back to the outer ring. Head north, and clockwise around the outer ring. Use your ladder once,
and then jump down to the second ring. Don't go too far east before you jump down, or you'll be
back where you started. Head west along the second ring and soon you'll hear a magical sound.
It is the sound of an island appearing and disappearing. It's out of your sight, so you're
going to have to jump and hope you find it. Head south til you see a break in the third ring.
The island appears around this area. Jump west, and through trial and error, you should
eventualy be able to time your jump right so you can land on the island. Try this...pick a spot
to jump from. Wait there and click on your character to move time forward. When you hear the
island appear, count to a number, say ten, and then jump. If you jump too soon, go back to the
same spot and count to a higher number. If you jump too early, count to a lower number. The only
catch is that sometimes the island stays for a shorter time then others. (Yes, I can be quite
devilish, can't I?)
  When you land on the island, immediately use your ladder to climb to the third ring. Don't waste
time cause the island only stays on screen for a few seconds. Move clockwise around to the other
side of the third ring. Here, you'll find a floor plate and three levers. If you stand on the
floor plate without moving any levers, it will propel you too high and you'll land back on the
second ring and you'll have to jump to the island all over again. (When I'm bad, I'm REAL bad!)
Fiddle with the levers and you might get the second worse result...You'll be propelled back to
the top of the third ring. That's not so bad. Get the combo right, and you'll end up on the
fourth ring.
  Now, you just need to get to the inner island. It's not too difficult really. Look for an air
current near the bottom of the island and it will take you right up. Get the portal piece out of
the chest. Now use the Emergency Exit Orb and you'll teleport back to the beginning.

  When you arrive in this vault, you'll be in a room full of balloons. Walk to the east and read
the sign. Step into the second teleport and you'll be in a short hallway with another teleport
at the end. Step into that one and continue until you get to the end. You'll enter a room with
blinking blue lights around the perimeter. Go to the east side of the room and take that
teleport back to the beginning. Now, you need to pop only the blue balloons. If you accidentally
pop the wrong color, step into the east portal and make the circuit and return again to the
beginning. The room will be reset and you can try again.
  As you pop the last balloon, a blue invitation will fall out and land in the center of the
room. Pick up the invitation and take it to the room with the lights. Put it on the recessed
spot in the floor by the blinking blue lights in the center area. The blue orb will appear. You
will also notice that the lights around the perimeter have changed color. They should now be
yellow. This means it's time to go back and pop the yellow balloons. When you do this, you will
get a yellow invitation. Continue doing this until you have all four orbs. (You don't have to
get all four orbs right away. You can use an orb to open a locked door, solve a puzzle or two,
and then go pop some more balloons. It's up to you.)

The Birthday Boy

  Well, he's a gorilla, actually. You'll find him behind the door with the blue slot. You'll
need the blue orb to open the door. Inside, you'll find Gweedle, the gorilla, standing in front
of a giant pink birthday cake. Talk to him, and he'll inform you that you're supposed to climb
up to the top of the cake. He'll also tell you he won't let you by unless you bring him a
present. Attacking him is useless, so you better go do what he asks.

The Blue Present

  Once you've gotten the yellow orb, you can use it to open the second locked door. Inside, you
will find a simple maze. In the center is a large blue present. Pick it up and attempt to leave
the maze. You'll find that if you pass through an archway, the present will disappear out of
your inventory and appear back in the center. You need to avoid all the archways, if you want to
leave with the present in hand. You may try to cheat by putting the present down, walking through
the archway, and then picking it back up. Sorry...Dropping the present will also cause it to
pop back into the center of the maze.
  Here's what you do...From the center, go east. You'll come to an archway that is very easy to
get around. Work your way through the maze and soon you'll come to a lever that opens a
portcullis that is blocking your way. Unfortunately, there's a pressure plate right after the
lever that closes the portcullis when you step on it. You'll see a sign on the floor that says,
"drop zone". You can safely place the present here, walk through the nearby archway, and come
around to the other side of the portcullis. Pull the lever on that side to open the portcullis.
  Continue on your way, and soon you'll come to a closed porcullis. Just look for a nearby
pressure plate to open it up. Move onward, and soon you'll come to another closed portcullis.
Look for a secret passage nearby and you'll find the pressure plate to open it. The next
obstacle you'll encounter is an invisible wall. Just take a few steps back and search for a
pressure plate. Beyond that, is another "drop zone". This one's easy. You now at the exit of
the maze.

The Red Present

  If you take the blue present to Gweedle, he'll refuse it, saying he wants a red present. Take
the red orb and open the next locked door. The first thing you'll see here is a cauldron, sitting
in the middle of the floor. Go north, and you'll step on a pressure plate that will open the
portcullis. (From now on, I'm going to say 'door' instead of 'portcullis' just to save time)
Step off the pressure plate, and the door will slam shut. Pick up the cauldron and
drop it on the pressure plate, and the door will remain open. Now pick up the cauldron again,
and go east. You'll find another door that works the same way. Put the cauldron on the pressure
plate and go through the door. You'll find another cauldron inside.
  Now take both caudrons and go to the west side of this area. You'll come to another closed
door There are two pressure plates here, and you'll need to put a cauldron on each one to keep
the door open. Go and get the third cauldron. Return to the beginning, place a cauldron on
the pressure plate to the north, and take the other two cauldrons through the door. There are
some warning signs inside this vault and you better do as they say.
  There are four pressure plates in this room. Put the two cauldrons on the two plates closest
to the door. The two doors to the north will open. Go west, and you will run into some more
invisible walls. Search for pressure plates to remove these. They're not hard to find. You'll
find another cauldron. Pick it up and take it with you. Now go to the east side of this area.
You'll find a door that is open. On the other side is another cauldron, sitting on a pressure
plate. If you pick it up, the door will slam shut. Put it back, and go back out and put a
cauldron on the pressure plate outside the door. Now you can go in and take the cauldron. Now
take the two cauldrons back to the room with four pressure plates and put them on the remaining
two. The doors to the north will open and inside, you'll find the red present.
  Take the red present and give it to Gweedle. He will take the present and run, er, disappear.
But now you need to climb up the cake. You can use the blue present to stand on, but it's not
quite tall enough. Take the blue present with you and it's time to look for something else to

The Other Blue Present

  Take the green orb and use it to open the last door. Go south, and you'll come to a room with
a pressure plate in the center and a closed door to the south. Stepping on the pressure plate
doesn't do anything. You'll notice four windows in the walls and four levers on the other side.
You need to flip the four levers first, and then step on the pressure plate. This is easier said
than done. There is a pressure plate in front of each lever that you have to step on to get to
the lever. You also have to step on it to leave after you've pulled the lever. This causes the
lever to return back to its starting position.
  You need to go into combat mode for this puzzle. Send one person, by himself, to one of the
levers. Pull the lever, and then switch to the next person. Send him to another lever. You will
encounter a couple traps and dead ends, but just look for secret passages to get out. You might
want to scope out the whole place first, before you go into combat mode. There's a helpful clue
to finding the portal piece in here to be found as well.
  Once all four levers have been pulled, switch to a fifth person, and have him step on the
pressure plate. The door will open up. The sixth person can enter the room and pick up the
second blue present.

The Birthday Cake

  Now head back to the birthday cake. Place one blue present at the lower wall of the cake, and
put the second blue present on top of it (to the north). You can now climb to the first level
of the cake. You'll need to pick up one of the presents to use it to climb to the top level of
the cake. Now search the middle of the cake and you'll find the portal piece, buried in the
frosting. Hop down to the bottom of the cake and head to the exit.

  Get out your note paper for this one. You'll need it! The first thing you'll notice when you
get here is that there is no return portal in sight. Actually, it's not too far away, so don't
panic. Take one of the paths north and go east. You'll come to a structure with three rooms.
The east room has a strange device inside. I'll discuss this later, but just don't forget about
it. The exit portal's in the middle room. And in the west room, you'll find a floor plate and
a note. This is one of many notes to be found, so keep an eye open for them. Write them down!
When you step on the floor plate, you'll hear a string of sounds. This is part of the Diamond
Quest and will be discussed in that section.
  Now head back, but when you get to the intersection of paths, instead of going south, continue
heading east. You'll come to a room with four columns in the corners. Step on the floor plate
and you'll hear four sounds. Take note of the order of the sounds. Now, return to the beginning.
Go south, and you'll come to a room with a column in the middle. It's the same red column that
was in the room that you just came from. There are four floor plates in this room. Step on each
one and it makes one sound. Step on the plates in the correct order that you heard in the first
room, and the door will unlock. Go through the door and you'll find a chest with a rune inside.
The rune is labelled with a combination of letters and numbers. This is a code that can be
cracked by reading all the notes that you find.(There's one note in the desk, back at the
institution, by the way.)
  This is how you'll get all the runes. There are seven in all. Look for a room with four of the
same object in the corners and a single plate in the center. Step on the plate, listen to the
sounds, and then find the corresponding room. It will have the matching object in the center
of the room, and a number of plates that you'll have to step on in the proper order. Some are
easy. There are some tough ones, though...

Cauldron Room

This one's not too difficult, but it might stump you at first. Pick up the cauldron, and behind
it is a secret passage. You'll need to go into combat mode for this. Use two party members. One
to step on the two plates to the right, and one to step on the two plate to the left. Don't
step on the middle plate.

Table and Vase Room

  This one is done just like the above room, except there's no secret passage. Just don't step
on the middle plate.

White Column Room

  You'll need to go into combat mode for this one, too. Split the party up and move each person
next to one of the correct plates. Then, cycle through your party and have each one step on
the plate in the correct order.

Gold Statue Room

  This is THE nastiest puzzle in the entire game. Even I hate it. The five floor plates are at
the end of five corridors. There are four plates in the center of the room. There are invisible
teleportals hidden all over the place. If you step on one, you'll be teleported to the center
of the room and forced to step on one of the middle plates. You don't want to step on any of
the middle plates. You'll have to restart the puzzle if you do. Oh, yes...And you can't go into
combat mode for this one!
  Get out that note paper again, and you're going to need to plot out the room, marking where
the teleportals are. Remember, you not only have to make your way down each corridor without
stepping on a portal, you also need to make your way back. Step on the plates in the right
order without stepping on a middle plate, and you've done it.

Deciphering the Runes

  Now you should have seven runes. And I'm sure you've noticed the eight spots on the floor in
front of the locked door at the beginning of this vault. The runes obviously go on these spots.
But not only are you short by one, you have no idea what order to place them. Here's where the
little notes you've been finding will pay off. There are seven notes in all, including the one
in the desk at the institution. Summing up what the notes say...Delete all the numbers and the
last letter. This leaves you with two letters. Subtract one letter from the if the
first letter is a 'D', then change it to a 'C'. Add one letter to the if the second
letter is an 'E', change it to an 'F'. The last note says, "...reverse the letters". The two
letters that are left, are reversed. Switch them around, and you have 'DO', 'RE', 'MI', 'FA',
'SO', 'LA', and 'TI'.

Getting the Portal Piece

  All you need is one more rune. Remember the strange device in the room next to the exit portal?
Go there and put the 'DO' rune on the floor on the left side of the device. Push the button, and
it will create a duplicate on the right side. Now you have eight runes. Go back to the beginning
and place the runes on the spots on the floor, starting with 'DO' and ending with 'DO'. The
door will open and portal piece is in the chest.


Level One

  When you arrive at this vault, you'll be on level one. To the south, you'll find a device. It
has four numbers and the 'one' is lit up. This center room is like a giant elevator, and changing
the number will take you to another level. Stay on level one, and let's first find the exit portal
in case you need to leave. Head down to the round-about and enter it from the left side. It will
spin around and stop at a random location. Keep trying til it stops at the second stop. Head down
to the southeast corner and you'll find the portal.
  To the east, is a room with moving platforms. To solve this one, you need to head back to the
beginning and take the round-about til it stops at the third position. Head into the room and
ride the platforms til you get to the chest in the southwest corner. Inside, is a key with the
number '2' on it. This key will open the chest that you'll find on the second level.
  In the top half of this level, are a row of four conveyor belts. One leads to a chest, but you'll
need the key with a number '1' on it. That key is in a chest on another level. Go back to the
device in the 'elevator' and push the button. You're now on level two.

Level Two

  Head south, and you'll see a sign that says, "Step left, step right." You'll notice if you
step on the square southwest of the sign, a floating platform appears. You need to step on this
square again and again to create a string of floating platforms. Hop across these platforms and
head to the next area. You will come to a pool of water with stationary floating platforms. You
need to walk across these without stepping on a sinking platform. If you do, the last platform
will sink and you can't make it across. If this happens, you need to leave the level and then
come back. The puzzle will then reset. The best way to do this is to step on all of the platforms
and see which ones sink. Make note of this, and return and try again. Here's the solution...
Stand on the first platform. Then go SW, NW, SW, SW, NW, NW, NW, SW, NW, SW, SW, NW. Inside the
chest is the #1 Key. Now you can go back to Level One and open the locked chest. Inside is the
North Rune.
  Now go to the north part of Level Two and you'll find some moving, floating platforms. Ride
them to the northeast and you'll find another chest. Inside the chest is the West Rune. If you
make a mistake and go the wrong way, leave the level and return to reset the platforms. Now,
return to the center and go to Level Three.

Level Three

  Head east, and then south. Follow the long, winding path and avoid the lava, especially if
you've got a low level party. A high level party probably won't have much problem here as an
occasional step in the lava probably won't do too much harm. When you reach the north area,
you'll come to a large pool of lava. There is a platform floating at the east bank. Step on
the platform and move forward. As you do this, the platform will stay under your feet, as long
as you move in the predetermined directions as stated in the note that can be found in the desk,
back at the Institution. Here are the directions, in case you missed it...W, S, W, W, N, NW,
SW, W. You'll come to a chest, and inside is the #4 Key.
  Head back to the center, and if you go west, you'll find some moving platforms in another pool
of lava. Just ride these (or, actually, follow them) and you'll find another chest. But you need
the #3 Key to open it. Now it's time to go to Level Four.

Level Four

  Head north, and you'll see a sign in the floor that says, "Place rune here." Put the North
Rune here and the brick block will slide to the north, smashing through the columns. This will
uncover another sign . Put the West Rune here, and you'll be able to get the #3 Key. Go back
to Level Three and get the East Rune. Don't forget to pick up the two runes you dropped. If you
do, they'll be gone when you return, and you're not done with them.
  From the center, head east and you'll see a moving block. If you're too slow, it will block
the way to the next room. If this happens, just leave the room and try again. You don't need
to leave the level for it to reset. If after you get past the block, and you need to backtrack,
there's an invisible switch on the floor by the east wall that will open the way.
  Next, there's a pair of sliding blocks that are easy to get past. After this, you'll come to
a doorway that is already blocked. Stand below the brick block and move SW, SE, NE. Now you can
get past. The next puzzle is similar. Stand by the block and walk to the west wall. Now, go SE,
SE, W. Move on to the next puzzle.
  There's another moving block here. If you try to race it, you'll never win. Leave the room and
this time, race to the other side of the column that is standing by the south wall. There's
an invisible switch here that will move the other block in front of the moving one and block
its way.
  Next, there's a row of conveyor belts. If you take the wrong one, you'll be teleported to
a distant room. Just search for another invisible teleport, and you'll be returned to try again.
Take the second conveyor belt and go through the secret passage and you'll find a chest
containing the South Rune. Now go back to the center and north to the room with the blocks and
the columns. Drop the runes on the correct spots and direct the block to smash through the
columns and carve a path to the portal piece.

  Welcome to this devilish amusement park! Board the raft and you'll be taken into the 'park'.
You'll pass a locked cage with a skeleton inside. Continue east and board the Lava River Boat
Ride. Paddle east and exit the ride. Continue east, and enter the Pirate Cruise.

Pirate Cruise

  Board one of the boats and head east. The ride will take you down some waterfalls and through
some winding caverns. Soon you'll enter a large lagoon with pirates shooting cannons at you. A
high level party will probably be able to take this abuse, but a low level party hasn't a chance.
Turn around and go back, all the way to where the lone skeleton is lying on the ground next to
the two stalagmites. There's a secret passage here. Go through it and pull the cannon shut off
switch. Now you can take your boat safely through this area. You may notice that one pirate
captain still seems a bit hostile. Attack him, and take his hook.
  Continue through the attraction til you come to the spot where the mayor is being dunked in
the well. Speak to him. (speak to all the pirates, if you like. They all have something to say)
Now look at him. Take the rope and combine it with the hook. You now have the Grappling Hook.
  Sail through the burning section and into the jail area. There's a dog, holding a key. You
know you can always use another key. Whack the dog and take its key. This is actually the key
to the skeleton cages that you saw outside. Leave the attraction and get back on the Lava River
Boat Ride.

Death Drop to Hades

  Paddle southwest and get off at the second stop. Walk east and then south. Go east and you'll
find the Death Drop. Board the ride and look at the skull and crossbones. Pull the lever and you
will be raised high into the air. Pull the lever again, and you'll plummet into Hades. Get off
and walk west over the lava bridge. Head down, deeper into Hades. You will enter a room
surrounded by lava. There is a long, narrow pit near the south. Wait for a ride vehicle to
appear and board it. Get off in the center and go south. You'll see a large cage in the center
of this area. To the east and west, you'll encounter two demons. Talk to them and they'll give
you clues on how to open the cage.
  The demons are brothers, and the clues they give will not make much sense. Ask each demon about
his brother and the clues will be slightly clarified. Board the ride vehicle again and this time
get off at the first landing to the north. You will be in a corridor with a lever behind a
portcullis at the end. Lining the sides of the corridor, are six nooks. There are invisible
switches in each nook. One switch in each corridor opens a portcullis, but in a different
corridor. The rest of the switches close all the portcullis's.
  Here's where the correct switches are...
                        Corridor 1...middle nook on the right
                        Corridor 2...bottom nook on the left
                        Corridor nook on the left
                        Corridor nook on the right
  Now that the levers are all within reach, you need to pull them in the proper order. Pulling
them in the wrong order resets the mechanism and you have to start over. This is the correct
order...First, pull the 4th lever, then the 2nd, then the 1st, then t he 3rd. The cage will
spring open and inside you'll find the BoneCrusher Bow.

Hobgoblin Caves and The Witch's Kitchen

  Head out of Hades, and enter the Hobgoblin Caves in the west. Talk to the witch for a clue.
This is a walkthrough attraction. You'll be attacked by the Hobgoblins. Attack them back and
pick up the Spirit Twigs that they drop. Collect all the rocks you can find as well. Towards
the back of the cave, you'll come across a sparkling fountain. Drink from it and your party
will be healed (good for low level parties who've gotten banged up by the Hobgoblins), and
you'll get a nice amount of food here, too. Come back later if you need more healing or food.
  Leave the caves and head north to The Witch's Kitchen. Inside, you'll find a strange device
and three cauldrons. Put a Spirit Twig in the left cauldron and a rock in the right one. Push
the button and they'll combine to make Dark Arrows for the Bonecrusher Bow. Several in your
inventory will combine as well. Create as many arrows as you like. You'll need between 20 and
40, depending on the skill of your party. You can return to the Hobgoblin Caves any time and
they will be replenished with more Hobgoblins and rocks.

The Skeleton Cages

  Now take your boat back to the very beginning of the vault. You will encounter a major
confrontation between Brundig and Montague. Let the scene play out and make a decision. Enter
the skeleton cage and unlock the door on the opposite side. Take care of the skeleton on the
other side of the river with the Bonecrusher Bow and the Dark Arrows. Use your best archer.
Swing across to the other cage using the Grappling Hook. Continue through this area in the
same manner. If you run out of arrows, go back to the Hobgoblin Caves and make some more. Head
north to the final destination inside the vault.

Count Vladimir's Haunted Castle

  Enter the castle and walk through the various ghostly scenes. These southern rooms are just
for atmosphere and there's really nothing to do here. Go north, and you'll come to the darkened
hallways of the castle. In the center of the castle, you'll find Count Vladimir, himself. He
has imprisoned himself in an impregnable chamber. Talk to him, if you like. In the northwest
section of the castle, you'll find three levers, and in the northeast section, you'll find some
  Walking along the westmost wall of the castle, you'll notice a path of light, illuminating
the floor in a line from the window to the east wall. Pulling the switches above will move
the windows along the hallway, somewhat like a slot machine. You need to line up the windows
so you get an unbroken path of light heading to the center of the castle, where Vladimir is.
It shouldn't be too difficult, with a little trial and error. Here is one way...Pull the levers
in this order...1,3,2,1,2.
  Now, return to the center of the castle and open the side door. The room will light up and
Count Vladimir will burst into flames. Continue north to the treasure room to get the portal
piece. (or not)
The Diamond Quest
1. Grimly's Grotto

     Once you've visited Grimly, he'll create a portal for you to use to return to the surface.
   When you use it, you'll notice there's a large pile of rocks nearby that wasn't there before.
   Search it to find a diamond.

2. Sky Penthouse

     As you're returning to the main house form the storage shed out back, you'll pass a very
   small island with a bush on it. Search the bush for a diamond.

3. Rabbit Hole

     There's a diamond in the west side of the rabbit hole. It will be tough to get to it and
   back out before the shrinking potion wears off. Go into combat mode for the entire duration
   that you're in the hole and you should have enough time.

4. Catacombs

     Go into the old section of the catacombs and go east, all the way to the far end. Check
   the sarcophagus in the bottom chamber. Make sure you have the crowbar.

5. Vault of Elements

     In the 'earth' section of the vault, use the Magic Shovel and the very end of the puzzle,
   right before you climb the ladder. It will create a tunnel that leads under the vault. When
   you come to the end, use the Magic Shovel again and you'll get the diamond.

6. Vault of the Two Towers

     There is a room in the southeast corner of the second tower on level two. There is a secret
   passage on the north wall of this room. Enter the room and you'll see a pit in the center
   and a crate in the corner. Push the crate into the pit. Now, go downstairs to level one and
   locate the room directly below the above one. There's a secret passage on the west wall of
   this room. Inside, you'll find the broken remnants of the crate, and a diamond.

7. Vault of Illusions

     If you've fallen in any pits, you'll land in a small, barren area below the vault. You should
   see a sign that says, "it's invisible." There's an invisible chest near the southwest corner
   of this area. Inside, is a diamond.

8. Vault of Darkness

     On the top level of the vault, you should see a sign that says, "bring the lantern and go
   this way." It's near the southwest corner. Once you've found the Magic Lantern, enter this
   area and light up every floor tile that you can. You'll see the words, "IN THE NE CORNER."
   This is the second half of a message. Head down to the bottom level and find the stairs that
   lead up to the room where the friendly mini gumby is. You'll find a sign saying, "this way."
   Do the same thing here, and you'll see the words, "MAKE A CHECKERBOARD." Now go to the north-
   east corner of the top level to a room with a locked door. Light up the floor tiles in a
   checkerboard pattern. The door will open. If it doesn't, leave the level, and return. Try
   again, and this time light the opposite squares in a checkerboard pattern.
     Enter the room, and you'll find a note that says, "make the opposite checkerboard at the
   opposite corner. Go to the room with the locked door in the southwest corner and do what the
   note says. The door will open, and you'll find a chest containing the diamond inside.

9. Vault of Chutes and Ladders

     Go to the area with the five wind machines and the five chutes. Make your way up to the top
   and then jump as far to the east as you can. You should land on a small island right next to
   another one. If you try to place a ladder between the two islands, it will fall. Jump down
   to retrieve it and the islands will change shape. Now use the ladder to climb up to the next
   island. Walk off the west end of this island, and it will also change shape.
     Climb to the next island and read the sign that says, "Take a leap of faith.." Jump off of
   this island, and as you fall, it should change shape, as well. If it doesn't, jump again and
   move left or right of the path you fell the first time. Now make your way back up and you'll
   find the diamond in the bush on the island to the west.

10. Happy Birthday Vault

     If you've finished the cauldron puzzle in this vault, you should notice some areas that you
   haven't been able to get to. In the northeast section, you should find a secret passage that
   leads to a small room with a sign on the floor. It says, "Look for the secret passages..."
   Duh! Well, obviously, there are more secret passages to be found. Go back to the beginning
   of this area...the spot where you found the first cauldron. Go north to the middle of the
   corridor that leads to the portcullis, and look for a secret passage on the east wall.
     Now, wind your way through the area, looking for secret passages any time you come to a
   seemingly dead end. You'll find the diamond in a small room on the opposite of the corridor
   from where you originally entered through the first passage.

11. The Sound Vault

     North of the main area of the vault, you'll find the building that houses the exit portal
   and the duplicating machine. In the east room, is a floor plate that makes five sounds. These
   five sounds are spread throughout the rest of the vault. You need to locate them and then
   activate each one in the correct order.
     The first is in the center area, east of the piano shaped room on the winding path. The
   second near the southeast coner of the vault. The third is in the west section, in the north-
   west corner of the little square with the rocks in the middle. The fourth is above the
   building with the exit portal. The fifth is in the south west corner of the vault. You will
   hear a click if you've done it right.
     Now return to the room with the floor plate and you'll see that a wall in the northwest
   corner has cracked. Use the Move Mountain spell on this wall and you'll find the diamond
   inside. If you don't have anyone who can cast that spell, go around to the north of the
   building and you'll find a secret passage that will get you in, as well.

12. Vault of Perpetual Motion

     Go to Level Three, the fire level. In the north section of the level, you'll find three
   short conveyer belts that lead into the lava. Take the middle one, and you'll be teleported
   to another room. Here, you'll find lot's more conveyer belts and pools of lava. Make your
   way to the north part of this area, avoiding the teleport traps. The north teleportal will
   take you to another room.
     You'll appear in another room with more pools of lava. Avoid the first chest, as it is a
   decoy, with another teleport trap right in front of it. Head to the north and you'll see the
   real chest with the diamond in it.
Location of the Red Books
1. Eunice's House
2. Library in the Mental Institution (2 books)
3. One of Judge Babcock's disappearing bookshelves
4. In His Highness' Sky Penthouse
5. Grimly's Library (2 books)
6. Vault level of the Institution (2 books)
7. Wendell's Home
8. In a sarcophagus in the catacombs
Easter Eggs
1. Kill Mayor Brundig at the very beginning of the scenario and you'll get one of the game's
   multiple endings.

2. One of the spirits of the sarcophagi has an attitude problem.

3. There's a very 'special' ghost, hiding in a closet in Vladimir's Castle.