Adventurer's Club 3: Retribution
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Tips from ReadMe
1.If you're beginning with a saved game from Part 1, you may need to use
  the town reset keys ("shift" + ">") to get the graphics in some cities
  to look correct.

2.There are several words containing apostrophes in the game, such as
  "T'Lanhg". When in dialog mode, enter the letters only when enquiring
  about a subject. example: enter "tlan" for "T'Lanhg".

3.There are many dungeon maps that contain multiple areas. This was done
  to get around the 100 town bug. (Yes, I know there's another way now)
  Just be aware when using the Magic Map spell or just looking at the
  automap that it may appear that there are areas that can't be reached.
  These are separate areas that can only be reached from other spots on
  the world map.

4.When visiting the "Mind Games" entertainment facility, if you immediately
  replay the same "game" it will not work properly. The town must be reset
  by either visiting 3 different areas before coming back, or just using
  the town reset keys ("shift" + ">"). Actually, there is no reason you
  would want to replay the same "game".  ;)

5.It is possible to sail a boat into the city of Zenith and become
  forever stranded in the middle of the street. Don't!

6.If you win the Owaji Championship, you may encounter a 50 node error report.
  This may result in not winning the grand prize but almost always allows you
  to play again. It's an issue that is much too complex to fix without recoding
  the whole thing and frankly, it's just not that important.

7.You will be asked to present an iron shield to an NPC in the Untamed Region.
  This cannot be one brought in from another scenario or it won't be recognized.
  Also, if you start this game with a saved game from Part One, any iron shelds
  acquired during that game will also not be recognized. You'll just need to buy
  a new one. The NPC will specifically ask for a "new" one.

8.The automap does not update correctly in certain dungeons. This occurs in the
  dungeons numbered 128 and higher. This is a glitch in the engine and there's
  nothing that can be done about it. There is no effect on gameplay, however.

9.Do not save your game while in the outdoor section in the Untamed Region
  containing the four barriers. Move to the east and save. If you save a game in
  between the barriers and reload it, all barriers will come back, even if you have
  dispelled some. If this DOES happen, you will be able to dispell them again, but
  will be forced to refight the nasty guardians a second time. Your other alternative
  would be to use the spell, "Word of Recall." Then, when you return to the barriers,
  the ones that you previously dispelled will be as gone, they should be.


                            Some Tips for playing Part Two

1. The second half of the scenario begins when you embark on your quest into the
   Untamed Region. Combat will get a lot tougher here. If you're finding things too
   tough, take some time to finish any side quests you may have come across in Part
   One. Check out the file, "Side Quests.txt".

2. Finishing the quest for Quintas in Magestica is almost essential for making Part
   Two more enjoyable. The portal he creates will be most handy for quick travel
   between the many locations.

3. Praying in front of the s tatues in the Shrines will prove most beneficial to those
   who have strong faith in Odashai.

4. Don't forget the many specialized trainers and augmenters in the world. They will
   be very useful to you in raising your stats to the limit.

5. Completing many of the side quests in the Untamed Region will get you some powerful
   magic weapons. Completing them ALL will get you a super powerful weapon that will
   make the end game much easier.

     Good adventuring, Jeff Weisler
Trainers and Augmenters


Strength...Capt. Shepard at the Citadel in Zenith

Dexterity...Quinn at the Thieves' Guild in West Zinlasia

Intelligence...Setharus at Magestica, level 2

Edged Weapons...Denzel in the Residential Area in Zenith

Bashing Weapons...Connie in the Shopping District in Zenith

Pole Weapons...Myxtikk in International Street in Zenith

Thrown Missiles...Cassie in Riddenport

Archery...Archie in the Entertainment Sector in Zenith

Defense...Tasha at the school in Independence City

Magic Spells...Marvelus in Magestica, ground level (one time only)

Priest Spells...Thomas at the Priest Guild in Independence City (???)

Mage Lore...Osgood at the Inn in downtown Independence City

Alchemy...Christof in Grah'Mok

Item Lore...Icarus in Magestic, ground level

Disarm Traps...Clint at the Thieves' Guild in West Zinlasia

Lockpicking...Jezelle at the Thieves' Guild in West Zinlasia

Assasination...Nico in Liberty

Poison...Harry at the Thieves' Guild in West Zinlasia


Weapons +1...Max in West Independence City

Weapons +2...Walter in Shopping District in Zenith

Weapons +3...Gregory at the Fighter's Guild in Independence City

Shoot Flame Spells...Morgana in Magestica, level 2

Flaming Weapon...Thorus in Magestica, ground level

Blessed...Brother Gratuitus in Magestica, level 2
Side Quests

Memories of Murder...Seaview Terrace Hotel in Zenith

Taking Homer Home...Adventurer's Club in Harper

Chicken Killer...Mcpearson Farm on Lohkit Island

Dead Man's Poppy...Research Center in Independence

The Lost Boys...Residential area in Independence

Little Brown Pups...Zoo near Independence City

Owaji Championship...various taverns throughout Zinlasia

Looking for Lucinda...Mage's Guild quest

Unstealing the Statue...Thieves' Guild quest

The Holy Goblet...Priest's Guild quest

Cutthroat Commune...Fighter's Guild quest

Potion of Light...Alchemist's Guild quest

The Golden Unicorn...Hunter's Lodge on Hollis Island

Familiar Creation...Lucinda's Manor on Katarack Island

Search for A Little Girl...Southside Apartments in Zenith

The Recipe Book...Grah'Mok

Quest for Vigara...Southside Apartments in Zenith

The Field Trip...Elementary School in Zenith

Hydra Egg Noodle Soup...Haurathi Grill in Zenith

Prof. Marvelus' Traveling Chest...Magestica Lv. 1

Three Heads Are Better Than One...Club Z in Zenith

The Greenball Express...Magestica Lv. 2

Gumbies Make Good Scarecrows...Hobbling Cottage on the Halmeni Plateau

The Lost Treasure of Magus Bagarnis...Halmeni Mountains

Burrower Beast Infestation...Clay Mines NE of Magestica

Grandfather's Secret Stash...Hobbling Cottage on the Halmeni Plateau

Quintus Finds Religion...Magestica Lv. 2

The Scavenger Hunt...Cottage in Velkala Forest

A New Sanctuary...Untamed Region

A Demon Down Under...San Mortis

Monster in the Lake...Lake Venom

Poppin' Fresh Doughboys...Pelzbarri Forest

When Treasure Chests Attack!...Bagarnis manor

Quest for the Elemental Destroyer...???

Optional Dungeons

Old Mage's Guild...West Zinlasia

Sea Cave...North of the Transit Center in East Zinlasia

Icy Cave...Kudazan Peninsula

Damp Cave...Tel'moria

Vampire Den...Tel'moria (Familiar Quest ingredient)

Mushroom Cave...Tel'moria

MInd Games...Entertainment District in Zenith

Boulder Field...Velkala Forest

Forgotten Caverns...Southwest corner of East Zinlasia