Enemy at the Gates
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From Truesite

by Metatron

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If you're having trouble with the combat, here are some tips:

1) Save wands for the fights that you're having trouble with. There's a wand available in the northwest woods, and two can be bought from Manucher in the southeast side of Megiddo Tower.

2) Boost your endurance and defense. The enemies in this game have pretty low accuracy to begin with, so either getting hit less or having more health will help a lot.

3) If you have a priest, use the priest to only heal characters. If Deadeye is in your party, remember that you can heal or boost him with spells like "Healing" or "Haste" by selecting the status spell that you want to use, and then selecting character 5, Deadeye.

4) If you have a mage, you have a choice to make. Ice Lances, at levels 5-10, can probably target 3 or 4 people, while Bolt of Fire can only target one monster and costs 3/10ths of what Ice Lances costs. In this scenario, most creatures take half as much damage from ice as they do from fire; or, to put it another way, monsters take x ice damage but 2x fire damage. If you find your mage running out of SP but not being overwhelmed, it might be better to use Bolt of Fire. If you find yourself being overwhelmed, but not using all your mage's SP, try Ice Lances.

5) Remember that a dead monster doesn't do damage; kill monsters which are already weakened, and then move on to the monsters with more health. Reduce their numbers, and THEN reduce their health.

6) If you're having trouble in the Great Circle, try sending just one melee character to fight Lu Liath, while other characters use ranged attacks or boost the melee character. Remember to spam wand powers until you run out! If you save the Wand of Ice for the Great Circle and give it to your mage, you can have your mage use the wand and then cast Ice Lances. This is like casting Ice Lances twice in a round, and it's a good way to fight off the hunters who all initially attack you.