Kill Them Dead
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by Enraged Slith
Description by Enraged Slith
My first released scenario involving a magical bat creature, a large squishy eyebeast, and a fat noble.

This scenario was written in frustration and is basically about nothing at all.  There's quite a bit of stupid humor in here, though almost nothing that constitutes as a joke.  It was created in about 24 hours, so I'm calling it a 24-hour scenario.

Level Req. 5 - 10
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Note: At the end of this scenario, you will be judged and rewarded based
on the number of bad dude points you accumlated throughout this scenario.
There are a total of 9 points, and the more you have, the better your reward.

Fort Town -
- If you need extra help, check the chests in the Barracks.  There's a whole
stock of useful potions contained within them.
- Leave the Barracks and go west to The Boss' office.
- Talk to the Boss.
- Kick the plant over for your first bad dude point.
- Turn the wheel yourself for your second bad dude point
- Leave

Outside -
- Kill the Ogres for your third bad dude point
- Go to the cave
(Optional: If you leave early, you get a stupid ending message)

Scary Cave -
- Cross the lava maze (ignore the cows since they are across the lava and
have loads of hp)
- Wait out or let Nelson pass (waiting it out earns you your fourth bad dude point)
- Turn the wheel (you'll have to kick the ticklish ogre in the face for your fifth
bad dude point)
- Get the key
- Kill the BEAR!
- Hit the Security Control switch first (WARNING: you'll be assaulted by monsters)
- Hit the Gate Control
(Optional: For something stupid, hit the Magic Lever.  SAVE FIRST)
- Go through the gate
- Kill Snootfairy (Snootfairy is pretty dangerous and the altar has a few
moves.  The altar either summons 3 skeletons, curses you, slows you, or does
- After killing Snootfairy push the altar into the pit for you sixth bad dude point.
- Read the SECRET NOTE he drops.
- Go to the southern wall and through the secret door.
- Use the portal.

Uppity Monster Inn -
- Kick the door down for your seventh bad dude point.
- Kill all the monsters
- Head east to Nogan's room (it's marked by a sign)
- Find the secret door and grab the key
- Go through the kitchen door
(Optional: Check the oven for a stupid cutscene)
- Go through the door and fight Nogan
- Kill Nogan for your 8th bad dude point
- Head back to the portal and leave

Small Clearing -
- Just leave

Outside -
- Just head back to Fort Town
(Optional: You can leave now for a stupid ending.  You wont get a 'reward'
but, if your bad dude points are low, you wont get a crappy ending either.)

Fort Town -
- Talk to the Smug Guard
- You can choose to either take the five gold or the myster prize (nothing)
(the mystery prize nets you your final bad dude point, which gives you a
much better reward than 5 gold.)
- Leave

Outside -
- Leave the scenario

Bad Dude Points:
1. Kicking the plant over
2. Turning the wheel yourself
3. Killing the group of Ogres
4. Waiting out Annoying Nelson AND then pushing him into the lava
5. Kicking the ticklish Ogre in the face
6. Pushing the altar into the pit
7. Kicking the tavern door down
8. Killing Nogan
9. Being a man, chancing it, and going for the mystery prize

Some of these may seem like stupid or barbaric options but, hey, we can't
all be 'bad dudes.'  If you want your reward, suck it up and be as bad a
dude as you can be!