Outpost Valley
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Hint Sheet
by Smoo
Description by Smoo

A scenario that I made for the 24-hour contest. It ain't that long. It ain't that good, but some have said it to be... solid.   Outpost Valley is my fourth scenario for BoA. The setup is very simple: You are helping an Empire platoon to deal with a group of bandits.
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Hint Sheet

Q: Is it actually possible to get stuck in the cell?
A: No. The final way to get out is to get the dangling key from the sleeping bandit's belt. To do this you need the three sticks in your cell. You also need to LOOK for something to tie them together.

Q: Can I get my weapons and armor back. I mean all of them?
A: Sure you can. All except one are scattered around the ground floor of the outpost.

Q: How about my money then, smartass? I had about billion little coins.
A: Your every coin can be found, conveniently in one place.

Q: The final fight is too hard!
A: No it isn't. If you're really struggling I'd suggest that you use the Rod of Major Call and scroll of Arcane Blow that are lying around the outpost.

Q: You are aware that I can ask the sleeping bandit about captain Carlington without even knowing that he is still alive, right?
A: Uh, sure.

Q: Are you going to fix this?
A: ... No. I'd prefer not.

Q: Why is the scenario titled Outpost Valley? We never even get to see the valley!
A: I suck at naming things.