Phew for a Minute
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Hint Sheet
Q: Why didn't you just call it Ghosts on a Boat?
A: I have my dignity.

Q: The doors in the lower holds are all locked. What do I do?

A: Somebody down there has a key, you just need to find them.

Q: I can't get past the barriers in the brig.

A: Somebody down there knows how to get past them, try to find them.

Q: I'm running low on spell points, and I don't want to use the character editor. What do I do?

A: Try the ship's kitchen. There has to be something edible in there. And keep your eyes peeled for potions.

Q: There's too many skeletons, and they won't stay dead!

A: If they keep coming back, just try and push through them.

Q: I can't beat the Helmsman!

A: Don't assume the Helmsman is an enemy.

Q: I talked to the Helmsman, but I don't know what to do next.

A: There should be a door just south of him. Go through there.

Q: The captain just owned my priest. What just happened?

A: He doesn't like being repelled. Would you?

Q: I killed the captain, what now?

A: Loot the ship and set a course for somewhere else!