The Ritual of Registration
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Registration Temple:
You begin at the temple gate. You already have your quest. From here, walk around the pool and head north until you get to the temple door. Don't go in yet. Instead, head east and poke around over there. When the Guest appears, speak to him. Tell him you're going to report him. Kill him when he becomes hostile. Then enter the first two doors of the temple and head east to Vogel's office. He'll give you a form, which you need to fill out (you need a pen and ink for this). Talk to Vogel after you've done that, then give it to him, and tell him about the Guest. Leave his office, go all the way west, and send a party member into the portal.

+Completed Form
-Completed Form

+Ritual of Registration

Ritual Grounds:
Follow the rune path to the center. Along the way, when you're almost there, the Shareware Demon will appear. Go to combat mode as soon as you see him, or sooner, because he has a special ranged attack. Kill him, then head back to the portal and step through.

Registration Temple:
You rejoin your party. Now go back to Vogel's office and talk to him. He'll give you your Blades of Avernum License. Now you can head back to the temple gate and leave the town.

+Blades of Avernum License

-Ritual of Registration

Spiderweb Valley:
Follow the trail to the south until you reach the end, where you will finish the scenario.