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Hint Sheet
by Seletine

by Seletine
Description by Seletine

The Empire has sent you, along with a small group of Empire soldiers and surveyors, to explore a remote island. When you approach the island, your ship sinks in the storm and only a handful of people survive.
This is an unreleased beta version.
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Hint Sheet
Common questions:
1. How do I pass the magical barrier at the northwest corner of the Small Cave?
A. You can't from that end. To get to the other side, fight your way through the Eyebeast Aerie one section to the north, and head to the southwest corner. The barrier can be passed when you're coming from the Eyebeast Aerie.

2. I'm at the north end of the Winding Tunnel, and I can't get past the magic barrier. How do I do this?
A. The light on the pedestal needs to be cyan; to get this color, push the red button 0 or an even number of times, and the blue and green buttons an odd number of times each.

3. How does the puzzle near the entrance to Cherayeng Core work?
A. Pushing the button on the central pillar when the light is a color other than white will open one of the gates. This gate starts from the southern gate when the light is magenta, and rotates clockwise through red, yellow, green, cyan, and blue. Pushing the button when the light is white or off will close all of the gates. If you enter the core when the light is off, it will become magenta.

4. How do I solve the rune and light puzzle in Cherayeng Core?
A. Step on the first three runes, and then go through the secret passage to the northeast. Step on the rune there to power up the portal in the southwest corner of that room.

5. I need six crates to solve the final puzzle in Cherayeng Core. Where do I get them?
A. To find one crate, position yourself just south of the staircase and walk due south until you see it. Another is available by heading west from the staircase and casting Move Mountains around where the southern hall moves one space westward. From there, head south and pick up the two at the southern end of the hall. If you can't access the western one, find the lever to the north and pull it. The fifth crate can be obtained by walking to the end of the passage west of the lever. The last crate is found south of the rune room; if you can't access it, pull the lever mentioned earlier.
1. What do I do first?
A. Head to the northwest, and enter the Unicorn Pit. Your main objective here is to get the key on the western side. Once you've done this, some additional information about the island will be revealed.

2. I have the key. What do I do now?
A. Return to the Southern Beach, and show it to Cerund. Several scorpions will appear. Once you've defeated them, talk to Cerund again.

3. I've talked to Cerund again, but don't know where to go from here. What's next?
A. Head east. Once you've done enough exploring in this direction, return to the Southern Beach and talk with the cartographer. A new cavern will be revealed.