Tales From the Tabard Inn
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Hint Sheet
by Lazarus
Description by Lazarus

A package, an assassin, an execution, and a man named Sly.

Although, contrary to popular belief, the minstrel's life isn't just singing and harp playing, food and ale, and sneaking off with farmers' daughters; that does constitute a large portion of your daily activities. You've got the talent, and you're living the dream. It's good to be a bard.

There are times, though, when it's not quite so good to be a bard, like when you're being chased by the fathers of all those daughters. Or when you're traveling the Gray Road alone, late at night, through bandit infested territory.

Yes, at the moment it it most certainly NOT good to be a bard.

A Compilation of Five Scenarios in one, including the winner of the 24 Hour Scenario Contest, "The Merchant's Tale"!
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Hint Sheet
Q. I'm in the Inn, now what?
A. Talk to people. Several of the NPCs at the Tabard Inn will tell you their story, which basically starts up the mini-scenarios that comprise this scenario.
Q. I can't move, and nothing seems to be going on. What gives?
A. If you aren't allowed to move, try clicking wait. If that doesn't trigger an event, try talking to nearby NPCs (it'll usually be obvious who.)
Q. In what order should I play the Tales?
A. It doesn't really matter, you can play them in any order you want. None of the Tales make perfect sense until you've started playing the others, so if something happens that seems random or unexplained, expect to have it explained later.
Q. Cut the crap-- I know there's a best order and you're going to tell me.
A. If you really can't make up your mind on your own then you could try Knight, Merchant, Prisoner, Priestess, Bounty Hunter. But feel free to deviate from that-- if you're dying to hear the Bounty Hunter's Tale you don't have to wait to play it.
Q. I'm getting my ass kicked.
A. First make sure your gear is equipped. When you enter a new tale you get all new gear, which you have to put back on. When a tale starts, see what potions, spells, and equipment you've been given so you know what you have at your disposal. When it comes time to fight, buff yourself with spells or potions and wear down opponents with range attacks if that's an option.
Q. How do I leave?
A. You can only leave from the Inn, which means you can't leave during the middle of a tale. Once you leave by the north or south road your party will be restored and you can pick up your gear before leaving the scenario.
Q. Alright, you trashed my graphics file and now I'm done with the scenario. How do I fix this?
A. I've included a zip of all the original graphics that are replaced in Tales From the Tabard Inn, so Windows users can simply unzip this file (located in the same folder as the Readme-- I presume you've already found it :P) and paste its contents into the 'Art Graphics' Folder in the BoA data folder. G904 (the portraits) must go in 'Game Graphics.'