The Triple Valley
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Hint Sheet
by Iffy
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Hint Sheet
Q. I'm in the town, now what?
A. Look around, find the mayor. He will tell you what to do.

Q. I'm in this dark cavern, but this dude keeps sacrificing me or something.
A. Look in one of the side passages.

Q. I'm behind the dude, now what?
A. *sigh* If you don't have an arrow or something, there is a rock. Throw it.

Q. How do I get out of this dark place?
A. Once you are outside, go to the northern cave. Explore a bit.

Q. How do I get out of the mine?
A. You do have a button to talk to people, don't you?

Q. I have the orb thing, now what?
A. Go through the door in the Mayors office and enter the portal. With the orb, the portal that the assassin went through went you hit him should be useable now.

Q. I keep getting killed by the Queen. Help?
A. Kill those Darklings on the plateform and use the control panels until you get access to the lever.

Q. I can't escape in time!
A. Two words: Combat mode.

Q. Who were those Darklings at the end?
A. The Elite 8. Play any future scenarios I make to know who the hell they are.