At the Gallows
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Outdoor Map
by Jewels

by Game pu
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At The Gallows walkthrough
Walkthrough made by Game pu

For some locations I use the X0Y0 system.
Cast the spell "location" to find out your party's current position
and then go to the location stated.

(Fort Lemmix)

You start in a room in the northwest, go to the commander's office in the southwest.
Once you have your orders exit though the south gates.


Defeat the man near the pool, Zaine, who is northeast of your starting position.
Exit the town.

(Fort Lemmix)

Return to the commander's office to get new orders.
Talk to captain Wester who is in the southeast part of the fort.
Exit the fort. Move northeast to Vega


Enter the inn and ask Jarn about "alda", Knox is south of the barracks.
Ask Knox about "recruit" then "donate".
Bricker is in the northwest, ask him about "dagger".
Enter the now unlocked room and go down the stairs.

(Beneath Vega)

Refuse the drink and then fight your way to the main temple on the west side.

(Old Empire Outpost)

Fight to the inner sanctum room, which is northwest.
Unlock the door, kill the high priest and use your new key to enter the prophet room.
Enter the secret door at x17y9 and read the book.
Go back to Beneath Vega.

(Beneath Vega)

The exit is northeast, leave and go back to Fort Lemmix.

(Fort Lemmix)

Get your new orders from the commander.
Exit the fort and go northwest to find the cave.

(Praddor Cave)

There is a secret passage at x26y46.
You will fall down to a mushroom cave, step on the white dot.
There is a room with explosives in the southwest that you will need later.
Use the stairs in the north.
Back on the main floor of Praddor Cave go to the mages quarters which are northeast.
Inside the mages quarters look at the desk to get some information.
Go southwest to the stairs to the lower level and go down them.
Check out the book and then go step on the dot near the northeast wall.
Now go back to the first mushroom cave and enter the explosives room to get some explosives.
Go back to the wall and use the explosives.
Ignore the baddies that show up and go back up the stairs.
On your way out you will be attacked in the temple, destroy the golem.
Use the lever near the entrance to deactivate the trap floor and exit Praddor Cave.
Go back to Fort Lemmix and report to the commander to finish up in the Agran Sector.

Now you get a lot more freedom to explore the outdoors.
The Wrynn sector war does not need to be dealt with right away,
But you do need to deal with it at some point to eventually finish the scenario.

Go east to the Wrynn sector. Go to the trader camp north of Cade.

(Trader Camp)

Kill the Trader Captain and you get his key.
Go northeast to Aguara.


Rent a boat and sail north to Cyrpus.


On the west side is a passage at x4y49.
The combination fo r the maiden chest is in a desk in the northeast.
The chest is in the northeast corner of the fort.
Take the maiden to Arrphyr, which is west of Aguara.


Go to the chief's room in the northeast.
To get a reward go southeast to Grand Wrynn and find the mayor.

To proceed with the story you have to solve the problem in the Aizic Sector.
To reach the Aizic Sector go northwest to the Imperial Sector and then west though
the Imperial Sector.
Go to the city of Vanguard in the Aizic Sector.


Go to the conference hall to the northwest.
Step on one of the empty chairs to listen in on the meeting.
Leave Vanguard and go east to Fort Reflection.

(Fort Reflection)

Talk to the northwest archer and ask him about "gate".
Head north in to Montcalm's office and ask him about "matter".
Go northwest to the laboratory to find Sidor and the portal.
Ask Sidor about "Info" then enter the portal.
You may want to make a backup save before entering the portal. If you run out of time in the next area you die.

(Fort Khazar)

To save time keep your party in combat mode and hasted as much as possible.
Go to the Northwest building first. In one of the bedrooms is a secret door at x11y28. Get the gem in the chest and then keep moving though the rest of the building.
In the hallway with guardians there is a secret door at x10y15. Destroy the golem and then go to the southwest barracks. Search the trog lord's desk and take the second gem.
To escape go to the portal room in the northeast building. Place one of your gems on both the north and south pedestals then press the button on the middle control panel.
Enter the portal to escape.

(Fort Reflection)

Go talk to Montcalm about your next mission, ask him about "attacks".
Leave the fort and head strait south.
When you are inside the trog mountain range, follow the west path to find the fort.

(Portal Fortress)

The passage in to the fort is at x41y55.
Another passage is at x53y52.
Once inside the fort move to the west section
and enter the passage at x10y41.
Read the middle book on a pedestal.
The portal is in the north.
In the portal dome flip the four levers to open and use
the north controls.
Kill the trogs and then use the controls again.
Run to the fort entrance.
Wait for a portal to appear and then enter it.


Talk to the nephil until she tells you about Nycraogos.
Talk to Nycraogos and then ask Vulcaroc about "rescue".
Wait; if nothing happens after several pauses then talk to the trogs more.
Move towards Sephoth.
Go northeast to the war room and kill Vulcaroc.
Go southeast to Vulcaroc's room.
Kill Nycraogos.
You can either cast sanctify on the altar or look at it many times
to destroy it.
Wait for a portal and then enter it.

(Fort Reflection)

Ask Montcalm about "assault".
You don't have to get the sword but it will make the battle
with Halloth easier.
To get the sword go to the city of Aguara in the Wrynn Sector.


Ask the priest Challor about "lyra" and then "prove" then "pendent".
The trader camp is southw est of Aguara.

(Trader Camp)

The pendent is in a chest in the inn.
Go back to Challor and ask about "pendent".
Use a boat to enter Lyra Cave.

(Lyra Cave)

There is a secret passage at x34y34.
Another passage at x35y15 and a last one at x55y22.
Cast move mountains on the moldy wall near the door.
Attack the guardian spirit until it moves to the dais and then wait for
it to become the sword.
Go back to Montcalm and ask him about "ready".

(Fort Reflection)

Go take a rest in your room.

(Under Siege!!)

Go to the golem storage room to the northwest.
Kill Sidor.
Leave combat mode and step in to the fog.

(Fort Reflection)

Go northwest to the portal and enter it.

(Barrier Spire)

Look at the altar on the west side and press the button.
Pull the newly reachable lever.
Walk though the bookshelf at x44y39.
Get the key and go up the elevator.
The puzzle on level 2 involves sound, so have sounds on in your
game preferences.

To pass you have to look at the pedestals in the right order.

                          013<- and 5
The above is the order that the pedestals must be checked.
Start with 1, upper middle, and check upper right again after 4.

Level 3 requires you to put out the flame on level 2.
Go back to level 1 and find a bucket, then put some water in it
from the fountain that is also on level 1.
Look at the brazier on level 2 to put out the flames.
Go back to level 3 and pull the lever.
Levels 4 and 5 are just combat.
Leave the Barrier Spire and enter Halloth's Citadel

(The Assault)

Use missiles or spells to destroy both levers.
Enter the citadel.

(Halloth's Citadel)

This place involves searching for alchemy ingredients to
make a potion that will enable you to sneak past the statues
blocking the stairs.
In the labs area in the northwest there is a book near a caldron
that tells you about the potion you need.
The fangs are dropped by the 3 vampyres lurking around the citadel.
Kill at least 2 of them and take their fangs.
The wither moss is in the slug swamp in the north. This place has stuff called
"moss" and "wither moss" make sure you get the wither moss.
To get naga blood ask the mage in the northeast prison about "naga",
then go look thourgh the potion racks in the southeast.
Dust of choking is in a chest in the giants forge which is northwest.
When you have all the ingredients put them all in one PC's inventory and just
look at the caldron.
Get right in front of the statues and then use the potion in your special items.
In the throne room you have to look at both braziers very quickly to open a passage.
Go up the stairs.

(Upper Tower)

Step on the dot and kill the bats until Hall oth shows up.
Kill Halloth and go back down the stairs.

(Fort Reflection)

Montecalm will tell you about your next destination.
Enter the portal.


Go north in to the Imperial Palace.

(Imperial Palace)

Enter the Prime Director's office.
With your new orders go north to the Stolgrad Sector.
Zenith is in the northwest section of Stolgrad.


Vale is in the red dragon inn, ask him about "business"
If you don't know dispel barrier go back to Solaria in the
imperial sector. The entrance to the Imperial library is the south gate
in Solaria. The book with the spell in it is at the southeast side of
the Imperial library in the room called the hall of magical learning.
Go back to Zenith and enter Zenith Keep.

(Zenith Keep)

Fione is in the dining room, she will give you some hints.
First look around in the dressers for some scribe robes to steal and put on.
Ask the boy Sirius about "rune".
Cast move mountains on the wall at x50y37 to get in to the labs.
Step on the lone rune and then quickly go past the guards guarding
the northeast passage. Search the wizard's dresser for the disc.
Enter the restricted records hall in the northwest.
Just wait a few turns in your cell and the talk to Cylene.
Ask Cylene about "difference" and then enter the portal.


Go talk to Vale.
Go north of Zenith to find Mount Bleak.

(Mount Bleak)

Enter the cave at x44y29.
Just go north though the cave, you don't
need to talk to the people inside.
Enter the cave at x9y7.
Ask Glizaka about "accept".
Go back out of this cave and enter the giant's cave at x20y40.
Use the map in your special items near where you get a message
from the giant leader to go away.
Leave the giant cave through the southern exit.
Enter the cave x18y27.
There is a secret passage at x35y44.
Open the cell and take the crystal from one of the bodies.
Go back out and enter the cave at x26y51.
Listen to the giants conversation and then go back out.
Go through the passage at x3y37.
If you have a crystal and the clue from the giants, a cave
should appear.
Pull the lever on the second floor of the bunker to unlock Raiden's
Cell. With Raiden use the portal near his cell to escape.
Go back and talk with Vale in Zenith.
Balkis' Estate is in the northeast of the woods south of Zenith.

(Balkis' Estate)

Pass though the trees at x48y52 to find the passage into the estate.
There is a key in a dresser on the southwest side of the estate.
With the key you can enter the room north of the gates.
To remove the poison first search the nearby desk.
There are some ember flowers hidden on the outside of the estate,
go though the trees at x9y48.
The alchemy chamber is on the north side of the estate.
You can find quicksilver on one of the potion racks near the alchemy
chamber, the quicksilver is the blue potion.
If you know the recipe for the antidote and have the ingredients just look
at the cauldrons and one of them will let you make the antidote.
Search the bookshelf at x14y25 for a recipe for brew of coercion.
Search the bookshelves in the northeast corner of the estate to
find two more recipes.
You need both two oxidizers and one coercion potion.
Wither moss is in the swamp in the estate and hidden near the wall
Outside the estate.
Look in everything, potion racks, chests etc for naga blood.
A vamprye is hidden in a room in the trees of the southwest part
of the estate.
Use one oxidizer and then another to get in to the northwest pens.
Talk to the ogre mage and ask him about "persuade".
Look at the wall near the south pen.
Search the bookshelves for yet another recipe.
A horn is in a chest in the southwest, the left room, and there is quicksilver
in a chest in the room to the right.
Make the vision potion and then go read the book in Balkis' room.
Go back to Vale in Zenith.

Vale gives you two new tasks.
First go to the imperial library in Solaria.
In the southeast corner of the library are some books that
contain artifact information.
Ask the third book about "onyx".
Now go talk to Montcalm in Fort Reflection.
When you know about where to find an onyx scepter
And have Montcalm's crystal go back to Vale.
Ask Vale about "onyx" and he will tell you where to go.


You can't talk your way in you just have to start attacking the
people here. To reach the top of the spire you have to find and pray
at all the altars.
Walk though the statue at x62y30 and step on the rug to teleport.
Enter the passage at x53y35 to find a secret rug. The wall at x60y19
leads to one of the hidden altars.
On the west side of the spire look at the middle caldron and drink from
it to find another altar.
On the second level of the spire put some money in the chest in the southwest
to open the way to another altar.
Look in the cabinets and bookshelves on the second level for the two prayer books. Drop the books on the pedestals in the library and look at the bookshelf north of the pedestals to reach another altar.
In the lava chamber cast Move Mountains on the wall at x49y49.
Once you have prayed at all 7 altars you can use the stairs to the third level
of the spire.
On the third level of the spire use the passage at x22y31 to get around the first
portal trap. Step on the floor at x39y27 and move back to find a new passage.
Go though more passages at x42y33, x38y29 and x30y26 to reach the end.
Take the onyx scepter and then leave.
Go back to Vale and then go northwest of Zenith, there is a secret passage though the
mountains near where the balisks attack.

(Fort Nether)

Go west into the wyvern pen and look around for a way into the fort.
You need to find candles to put on the star points.
The red candle is in the bookshelf at x26y31.
The yellow candle is on a table near the northwest cells.
The blue candle is in the desk at x61y24.
The green candle is in a dresser at x46y46.
Cast move mountains on the basalt wall at x38y5 to find a white candle.
Place the candles on the points of the star in clockwise order from the top
White,north Blue,northeast Red,southeast Green,southwest and Yellow,northwest.
Enter the portal.

(Fort Nether2)

Dispel the barrier and go south.
Press the button at x53y57, this opens a passage on the west side.
Enter the passage at x17y45.
Another passage at x6y55 leads to a room with a button.
Press the button to open a passage to the north.
First go though the passage at x8y28 and press the button inside.
Second press the button at x16y23, you can now enter the southeast passages.
Step though the wall at x61y48 to pass the runes.
A passage at x60y43 leads to a button that opens a path north of the altar.
Going into combat mode can make navigating the conveyer belt easier.
Enter the hidden rooms at x53y4 and x50y14 and press the buttons in them.
You can now reach the northwest library, after you press the x10y54 button again.
Move though the bookshelves in the library to reach the passage at x8y5.
The last button opens a passage north of the entrance portal but it will close
if you don't run over there.
Go into combat, haste your party, press the button, look for a passage behind
the bookshelves to the south, dispel one of the barriers near the potted plants
and go north of the entrance portal.
Go into the other portal and pull the lever in the guard house.
Use the entrance portal on level 2 to go back to the first level.

(Fort Nether)

Go back out to the front of the fort and enter the portal in the throne
Kill the alien slime and then approach the portal.
Approach the portal again with the onyx scepter to close it, then run away.
Go back to the Prime Director in Solaria.
With your new orders go east to Xanthor.


Ask Miranda about "odix" then go step on the rune in her house.
Ask Odix about "astervis".
Ask Astervis about "disappearances".
I think you can investigate in the order you want to.
In Palver's house, in southwest Xanthor, first look at his dresser and press the
button. Now you can enter the passage at x21y54. Look at the bookshelf in the
Head south of Xanthor to reach Rune.
Ask Coblin about "seth" then look at the plant, bookshelf and desk in Seth's
office. Ask Coblin again about "Seth".
Go northeast to Malachite.
Ask Emerald in Malachite about "disappearance"
Go north of Malachite to Zarmond's hut.
Ask Zarmond about "location" then go west of his hut into the cave.

(Ancient Ruins)

Cast move mountains on x3y17 to find a journal.
Check the body at x58y52.
Take the journal back to Zarmond.
Leave Zarmond with the journal and go wander
or rest for three days or so.
After three days go back and talk to Zarmond.
Ask Zarmond about "artifacts" then "tablets" and then go to
x59y25 in the ruins to get the tablets.

A lot of people seem to have trouble with Zarmond deciphering the tablets
so you may want to make a backup save before you give him the tablets.
The problem here is that you can't just wander around outside or rest outside
to make him finish with the tablets, you have to pass the time in a town.
Go to Xanthor and keep using the long rest option in town for two days.
After that Zarmond should be ready to talk about the tablets.
After Zarmond tells you there is nothing special about the tablets you
need to get them back. Look at the bookshelf at x21y11 in his hut to find the room
with the tablets. Kill Zarmond and take the tablets to Astervis.
After Zarmond tells you his analysis and you have checked out the other three
disappearances go back and talk to Astervis.
You will be told to go back to Malachite, do so.

Ask Borazi about "investigate" to get access to the crime scene.
Look at the bodies and then talk to the ghost that appears.
Go back to Xanthor and report to Astervis.
Return to Malachite and ask the student Szlopous about "tablets".
Go back to the ruins and look at the basalt wall in the northeast.

Report back to Astervis in Xanthor.
Ask Konar about "Astervis".
Go back to the basalt wall in the ruins.

(Forgotten Academy)
Keep using the machine at x51y3 (you don't have to kill the doomguards, just wait
until a portal appears ) until you get the imaging crystal.
Take apart the machine at x58y25 to get the transmitter plate.
Enter the passage at x49y27 and look behind the counter for a button to
turn off the runes in hallway.
Look in the boxes north of the genetics room for cable.
Destroy the southern most robot to get a battery.
Repair the robot and then use it to enter the southwest chambers.
As the robot look around for a control panel to turn off the wizard's
Ask Palver in the southwest prison chamber about "secret".
Go back and talk to Astervis.
After Astervis leaves go back to the ruins to find him.
With Astervis go back to the Forgotten Academy.
Go back to Palver's cell.
If you need rope and a ruby you can ask Konar in Xanthor for both.
Search the desk and then kill Odix.
Watchpoint Tower is in the southeast corner of the Sorcrega Sector.

(Watchpoint Tower L1)
Search the desk at x33y7 for a key then just fight your way to the stairs
on the north side.

(Watchpoint Tower L2)
Cast ritual of sanctification on the evil altar and enter the hole in the floor.
Use the other set of stairs to get back up to level 2.
You can use the portal on the west side of level 2 of the tower to get back
to level 1 if you still need the key.
There is a secret passage at x10y34.
Destroy the power crystal and you can reach the stairs to level 3.

(Watchpoint Tower L3)
When you get teleported into the fog just wait.
After most of the throne room is visible approach the last bit of fog.
After the battle go to the passage at x8y10 and get the disc from the chest.
Return to Xanthor and talk to Miranda.
Go back to the Prime Director in Solaria.

Morbane is in a cave in the Wrynn Sector.
To reach Morbane and kill him you Need:
The sphere of Thralni.
A sunstone.
The disc from Watchpoint Tower.
And have dealt with the Nephil problem in Wrynn.

The orb is in Zenith Keep in the Stolgrad Sector
Go back to the town of Zenith and enter Zenith Keep which is on the
north side.

(Zenith Keep)
On the north side of the Keep near the throne room are stairs
to the basement.

(Beneath Zenith Keep)
Pull the lever near the cells to open them.
Cast Move Mountains on the wall at x40y35.
Cast move mountains on the wall at x45y13.
Turn the generator on.
Get the gem in the rubble at x54y15.
Go to the barracks southeast of the cells and get the blue gem out of the chest.
Place one blue gem on each of the northern pedestals in the portal room.
Press the portal activation button twice.
Enter the portal.
In the new area cast move mountains on x20y5 and get the green gem from
the box.
Get a red gem from one of the desks and use the other portal to get back.
Replace the blue gems with the red and green gems and press the portal button
Get another red gem from the barrel at x49y39.
Replace the green gem with the other red and push the portal
button again.
Pull the lever and kill the lich.
Go back to the portal room and place one green and one blue gem on
the pedestals and push the portal button.
Get a second green gem from the bookshelves in the new area.
Go back and use your boat to reach the southeast corner.
Leave your boat at the southeast corner and teleport back.
Put both green gems on the pedestals and press the portal button.
There are two spheres of Thralni in the southeast room, the left is fake
and will hurt you.
Take the orb on the right and use your boat to get back to the stairs out.

To get a sunstone you first have to get a moonstone and then recharge it.
First go to the Imperial Library in Solaria and look up "moonstone" and "sunstone"
in the artifact tomes.
After that go west of Fort Lemmix, in the Agran Sector, to reach the Mandahl Sector.
Go to the town of Minarch in the Mandahl Sector.

Ask mayor Aeven about "help" then ask Malthos in the pub about "guide".
With Malthos head to the east side of the mine.
After you kill the vampire you will need rope to rescue the miners.
If you need rope you can buy it from the general supplies store in Oringa
which is west of Minarch.
If you looked up information on the sun and moon stones and rescued the miners,
then ask the mayor about "moon" to be able to take the stone from the temple.

To charge the moonstone go to the Nelon Sector which is northeast of the Imperial
Sector. Get a boat in Glade and sail north into the Nelon Mountains.
You will have to go to the Temple of Arvarrin before you can fully explore
the mountain river.

(Temple of Arvarrin)
Assuming you would rather fight then pay, Attack Sharaki
and then take all the skulls and put one on each brazier.
The last skull is in the tunnels at x4y31.
Go though the passage at x48y27 and enter the portal.
Go though another passage at x47y50 and enter the portal.
Enter the portal at x62y18.
Kill Sharaki in demon form.
Go back though that last portal and use the one at x59y5.
Use the portal at x62y59 and then the portal at x36y60.
In the library area get the red potion, Ambrosia, off the table.
Go back though the previous portal and use the portal at x47y58.
The passage at x54y41 leads back to the entrance.

Back out in the mountains sail north to the silth in the tower.
Give the silth your Ambrosia and you can proceed.
The place to recharge the moonstone is hidden in the small outcrop of mountains a little
north of the silth's tower. Sail into the snow covered mountains from the west side.
Leave the moonstone in Sol Keep and go back to Glade.
Rest inside Glade for three days and then go back to get the sunstone.

You should now be ready for Morbane, go to the northwest portion of the Wrynn
Sector and enter the Guardian Cave.

(Guardian Cave)
Ask Arfv about "deactivate" and then exit though the north side.
Outside use the sphere of Thralni to fly over the Chasm.

(Ancient Temple)
The disc from Watchpoint Tower will unlock the door.
Enter the portal.
This part is just a series of flashbacks.
To proceed though the flashback talk to everybody you can in
these areas and keep clicking on their words until they have nothing
new to say. If you step in front of the north doors and you are not taken to
a new room that means there is still someone you need to talk to more.

(Morbane's Lair)
First go to the northwest corner, Raven is not meant to be killed
Just dodged. Move though the center of the trapped pillar hall.
After your fight in throne room go southeast to the strange machine.
Touch the machine to get a clue about dark metal.
Go back to the Prime Director.
After the Prime Director gives you a pass go North of the Stolgrad Sector
to reach the Gynai Sector.

Enter Gynai from the left side and talk to the guard though the window to
get in.
Talk to the clerk Borat in the city hall to reach one of the elders.
After you have talked to the first elder go back and ask Borat about
"enginering". Talk to the second elder about the machine and dark metal.
Look in the houses of Gynai for a man named Arcturus.
Ask Arcturus about "Kivek" "guest" and then "sanct".
Leave Gynai and go talk to Astervis in Xanthor. When you talk
about your adventures he should tell you where kivek's journal could be.

The journal is in Evergold in the Nelon Sector.

Go to the libray and ask Gethron about "sign".
An order mage will appear as you are about to leave.
Ask Talon about "quest".
The entrance to the factory is Evergold's southeast exit.

(Golem Factory)
Use the conveyer belts in the north to reach the Northwest corner.
Turn off the power at x51y14.
Get the key at x56y16.
On the east side of the factory there is a control room with one of the rebels in
it, talk to him until he dies. Use the controls he was siting in to cause an industrial
hazard with the water tanks.
Go towards the southwest portion of the fort and you should see some lava that has
leaked into a wall. Enter the room though the lava and use the controls to open the vents.
Go to the control room in the southeast portion of the factory and turn the electricity off.
Use the nearby vent to escape back though the entrance of the factory before the gas kills you.
Go back into the factory and go into the storage room in the southeast corner.
Use the vent in the storage chamber to reach the room with the main controls.
Turn the factory off.

Ask Talon about "quest".
The journal is on one of the middle bookshelves.
To leave with the journal you need to drop it out
one of the library's windows, look at them to drop it.
Pick it up outside the library and take it to Arcturus.

Ask Arcturus about "journal" and then "sanct".
The library is in the northeast corner.
Ask Vaiwor about "inside".

To advance though the areas here you have to step on the pentagram points in the right sequence.

The pentagram points looks like this:
         /         \
    Earth        Fire

To enter the Earth area step on spirit-earth-water-wind-fire-spirit.

Always step on the reset rune before trying a new invoke or banish sequence.

To enter one of the other areas you have to banish earth and then invoke one of the
other elements.

Banish Earth: earth-spirit-fire-wind-water-earth.
Invoke Fire: spirit-fire-wind-water-earth-spirit.
Banish Fire: fire-spirit-earth-water-wind-fire.
Invoke Water: wind-water-earth-spirit-fire-wind.
Banish Water: water-wind-fire-spirit-earth-water.
Invoke Wind: water-wind-fire-spirit-earth-water.
Banish Wind: wind-water-earth-spirit-fire-wind.

Get some uranium and platinum from the earth area.
You can get the metals identified in the wind area.
Look at one of the crystals in the wind area to learn about the reactor controls.
Go into the fire area and drop a uranium bar on the epsilon table of the reactor.
Use the controls near the reactor to activate the epsil on chamber.
Go to the water area and turn on the water in the tunnels.
Go back down the stairs and use the boat to travel though the tunnels.
Drop a platinum bar on the table near the hall of the past.
A secret passage at x11y30 leads to a lever.
Pulling the lever opens a portcullis near the prison chamber of the sacred tunnels.
You can unlock the doors of the danger chamber.
There is another secret passage at x21y23.
Pull another lever to open another portcullis in the tunnels.
Some stairs in the archelders chambers will lead to a crystal with information.
After being forced out of Gynai go back to the Prime Director.
After your meeting you once again get to choose the order of investigation.
The machine in the Mandahl mountains is the only one you need to go to.
I have included information about the other two machines at the bottom.

Before you can reach any of the three machines you need to get the atheme special item in the Mandahl sector.
Go to the city Damasnica and talk to the dervish in the pub.
After he tells you about the ascent point go look for a passage in the mountains
north of Damasica.

(Mandahl Ascent)
On the southwest side of the mountains some silths will attack you.
Kill the silth chief to get a key.
Go though x14y44 to find the silths' hiding place.
Use the boiler inside the bunker to clear the pass, don't leave yet.
To the north there is a passage at x26y21, take the phoenix egg.
There is a secret passage at x51y30 on the east side.
Talk to the efreet to receive a task.
Go though the new opening and give the slime the egg.
Go back and ask the efreet about "task".
You can now cross the river in the center.
Leave though the northeast.

(Valor Arms)
Ask Norton for a room.
Get the charred paper from the trash pit.
Ask Lenwith about "paper" and then "restore".
Ask Miles about "ring" and then "borrow".
Ask Maggie about "vandole" twice.
Go into the southeast room and get the boots from the dresser.
Go into the northwest room and get the prayer book from the bookshelf.
Talk to Marilyn about summoning and then ask her about "vandole".
Agree to help her perform the "ritual" and go put the boots on the southwest altar.
Try to summon with the boots on the altar and Marilyn will tell you to get Maggie.
Ask Maggie about "ritual" and then go back and try summoning again.
You can now leave the Valor Arms and continue though the mountains.
Use the sphere of tharlni west of the valor arms to find a secret town.

(Isolated Village)
Ask the innkeeper about "rest" but don't sleep here.
Look at the dresser in the first room in the inn.
Kill the rakhsha behind the counter and pick up the claw.
Search the house north of the inn for another claw.
Enter the passage at x50y11 and search the bookshelves for another claw.
Look at the southeast statue for another claw.
In the southwest you can step though the sign to get in the tome room.
Get a barrel related task from the first tome and answer the quizzes from the
other tome to make an opening.
The quiz answers are: ten,ten,ten, aluminum.
Push the barrel into the fountain and then go back to get a claw from the tome.
Use all five claws to open the south chamber.
Cast ritual of sanctification on the altar.
Get the atheme from the underground chambers and head back.

For the machine at Mandahl, go back to the Mandahl Ascent in the Mandahl Sector.
Go though the west side where the silths were and exit though the northwest.
There are two secret paths in the outdoors here, one leads to a crystal and the other leads to
a witch. Check the crystal first and then go buy a potion from the witch to mask your aura.
After drinking the potion go touch the crystal again.
You can now enter the alien bunker.

(Alien Bunker)
To Turn off the force field blocking you from reaching the machine you first
have to set some crystals to the right color.
The crystal locations and correct colors are:
x8y41-blue, x13y22-red, x32y3-green, x52y17-red, x54y42-green.
Then use the controls at x31y39.
North of the machine a crystal will give you a clue.
Go back to the Prime Director.
He tells you to go to the Naval Base north of Evergold in the Nelon sector.

(Fort Gallows)
Ask Tor about "sign".
Ask Lin about "situation".
Ask Astervis about "barrier".
Go to the northeast lab.

(E Ancient Lab)
Talk to the prisoner in the northwest and ask him about "deal".
Ask the spore leader who is south of the prison about "aroal".
Go back and ask the prisoner about "deal" again.
Go to the north lab.

(N Ancient Lab)
Attack the golems to get in.
Search the bookshelf at x8y10 for a blue gem.
Look at the statue on the south side.
Look around the center chambers for a green gem.
Look in the case near the cell to release the spores.
Go back to the east lab and search the northeast
bookshelves for information.
Go to the west lab.

(W  Ancient Lab)
Cast move mountains on the cracked wall near the water.
Search the bookshelves on the west side for a red gem.
The pentagram is on the east side.
Look in the chests near the pentagram for two more blue gems.
Place the gems on the pentagram points: green-north, blue-northeast,
blue-southeast, red-southwest, blue-northwest.
Wait a few turns and then enter the portal.

(Underground Labs)
Look in the northwest cells for another red gem.
Go back to the Ancient Lab and set the pentagram
to: blue-north, green-northeast, red-southeast, blue-southwest, red-northwest.
Enter the new portal.
Search the desk in the north for another red gem.
Go back and place the gems on the pentagram:
red-north, red-northeast, green-southeast, blue-southwest, red-northwest.
In the third area search the crates around the dock for a second green gem
and use the lever in the northeast to turn the runes off.
Use the second combination of gems on the pentagram again.
In the second area use the lever to open the gates over the water.
Go back and use the third gem combination again.
Use the boat in the third area to reach a new lab area and get a third
green gem.
Go back and use the first gem combination on the pentagram.
Look in some treasure chests in the first area for a fourth green gem.
The last gem combination is: green-north, green-northeast, blue-southeast
green-southwest, green-northwest.
Check out the caved-in area in the southwest and Astervis will start talking.
Tell him you're ready and you will be teleported to the last dungeon.

(Gallows Keep level 1)
This dungeon is similar to level 2 of fort nether in terms of navigation.
The gates on level one and two are paired in that if a gate on one level is open
then its twin at the same location on the other level is closed.
Your objective is to reach the chamber north of the pentagram on level one. To get there:
Press the button a t x24y40 five times to open the front gate.
Walk to the front of the keep but don't leave.
Go though the passage at x11y57 and then x8y51. 
Press the button at x26y51 four times so that the front and northeast gates are open.
Press the button at x15y48 so the nearby gate is closed.
Enter the portal at x43y31.
Press the button at x7y13.
Go up the stairs near x5y31.

(Gallows Keep 2)
Go though the portal at x18y50.
Press the button at x13y31 so the nearby gate is closed.
Go back down the stairs to level 1.
Using the now open gate to the east go back to that first button.
Press the button at x24y40 four times so that the gates at x28y42 and
x36y42 are open.
Go though the portal at x43y31.
Press the button at x7y13 so the nearby gate is closed and its twin on the
opposite wall is open.
Go back though the portal and walk back around to the button at x24y40.
Press it four times so the front gates are open.
Press the button at x15y48 to open the nearby gate.
Press the button at x24y40 five times again to open the southeast and southwest gates.
Go up the stairs at x31y5.
Press the button at x27y4 so the nearby gate is closed.
Go though the nearby portal.
Press the button at x41y45 to close the nearby gate.
Go though the passages at x59y48 and then x54y54.
Go down the stairs at x45y49.
Press the button at x26y51 once so the front gate is open.
Go up the stairs at x31y5 again.
Press the button at x35y8 to close the nearby gate.
Go back down the stairs to level one.
Go up the stairs at x49y5.
Press the button at x49y16 to open the nearby gate.
Press x42y27 to close the nearby gate.
Press the x49y16 gate again to close the gate.
Go back down to level one.
Press the button at x24y40 twice.
Go up the stairs at x49y30.
Press the button x54y33 to close the nearby gate.
Use the portal to get back to the stairs.
Go up the stairs at x50y17.
Press the button at x21y26 so the nearby gate is closed.
Go back down the stairs.
Walk in a southern loop on the first level to get to the stairs at x50y26.
Press the button at x34y38 to close the nearby gate.
Go back down to level one.
Go though the portal at x44y31.
Press the button at x7y13 to open the nearby gate.
Press the button at x24y40 twice so the front gate is open.
Go back though the portal to the east side of level 1.
Press the button x26y51 three times.
You should now be able to reach the elevator at x32y29.
Press the elevator button twice to reach the final battle.
Destroy the crystal soul and then just stay alive until the battle is over.
Head back to the elevator to end the scenario.

(The other optional machines)
To reach the Stolgrad machine,
south of Balkis' Estate is a small lake that you need to fly over with
the sphere of Tharlni. A small cave on the other side of the lake leads to
Argadon's Lab.

(Argadon's Lab)
Push the barrel at x26y34 into the water x26y46.
Pull the lever near the water and you can enter the storage chambers.
Get a battery from the storeroom.
Go to the room in the northwest corner and turn the heat up.
Go east of the tempeture room into the portal room.
Insert the battery into the wall and enter 3814 into the portal coordinates,
Turn the portal snare on and it should pull in the statue.
Now you can enter the northeast rooms.
To get past the barrier you need the blessed atheme.
Look around the chamber of the strange machine for your reward.

To reach the Nelon machine go to the river leading into the Nelon mountains and take the second from the left fork. Look for a cave entrance that you can row your boat into.
You may wa nt to make a backup save before entering here.

(Flooded Mine)
Go though the passage at x42y52.
Kill the first golem and use the space the golem was standing on to shoot the second golem.
Go though the passge at x30y33.
Again kill one golem and shoot the other one.
Go though another passage at x14y57.
A trap will teleport you into a room with runes.
Go though the passage at x54y38.
Look at the center column and input "pentagon".
Use the portal to get back to the tunnels and go where the trap was.
Enter the barricade at x13y15.
Most of the doors in the barricade can't be opened and the ones that can be opened may require you to cast unlock multiple times before they open.
There is another secret door at x13y7.
Ask Khross about "Tribute" and give him the scepter.
Look around the chamber of the machine for rewards.