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Buy some tea from Jasper in King Fellar's Manor.
Jasper will give you some information on how to reach the island.
The maze of Zahn is filled with secret doors, search carefully
Ask the innkeeper, Jasper, in King Fellar's Manor about 'princess'. He will tell you to find Raymond in quicksilver. Just follow the road leading south of Fellar's manor to reach quicksilver.  

Raymond is the beggar standing in the southwest portion of quicksilver. Ask Raymond about 'harp'. He will tell you to find his brother Kevin. Search the area a little southeast of King Fellar's Manor to find Kevin's hut. Ask Kevin about 'find' and then 'accept' he tells you to go find Myrseth. Travel a long distance east of Kevin's hut to find the outdoor area Myrseth's land. In the northeast of Myrseth's land is Myrseth's caves.

Ask Myreseth about 'harp' then 'task' then 'tome'. Follow the directions from Myreseth to reach the Maze of Zahn. Enter the secret door at x38y28 to get inside the maze. Go though the secret doors at x24y38, x18y38, x9y28, x9y23, x18y10, x22y10, x33y21, x31y29, x28y34, x21y29, x16y34, x13y31, x14y24, x13y18, x16y14, x21y15, x27y14, x229y18.

At this point you should find a portal, don't enter it yet or you will get sent back to the entrance. Search the wall near the portal for more secret doors. Ignore the next two portals and keep searching for secret doors until you  find a portal near trees, enter  that  portal to get the tome. Go back and enter the first of the four portals to get out of the maze quickly.

Take the tome back to Myrseth's caves. As soon as you enter the cave with the tome you receive an item and instructions to go to the city of Glade. Glade is very far to the south of Fellar's Manor. Travel south of Fellar's Manor until you reach the Sall Mountains area. Travel southeast though the mountains until you reach a sign telling  you to go west  to Glade. Ask Junthe in Glade about 'harp'. Go east of Glade to reach the city of Shelv'ar. Ask T'arg in Shelv'ar about 'Junthe' and then 'mission'.

Follow T'arg's directions to reach the Rebel Hideout. Unlock the door on the east side of the hideout and then go though the secret doors at x54y26, and x53y23. The rest of the dungeon is just fighting. Get the key from the crypts in the northwest and use it to enter the treasure room in the southwest. Get the harp from one of the chests in the treasure room and  then go though the secret door at x13y55 for a quick escape route. Take the harp back to Kevin.

Now that you are on the islands near the city of Avalon your last mission is to get a tome from the Deserted School. Use the ferry in southeast Avalon to reach Joram's island. The Deserted School is near the southern edge of the island. Cast move mountains on the cracked wall at x20y55 to get inside the school. Cast move mountains on the moldy wall x45y22 to get inside the northeast office. Search the desk in the office to get the temple key. Cast ritual of sanctification on the evil altar in the temple and get the tome. Take the tome to the high priestess in the city of Avalon in the northeast of the Avalon outdoors.

Scenario end.