The Caverns of Stylbore Mountains
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Hint Sheet
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Hint Sheet
Welcome to the Caverns of Stylbore Mountains help file. 

First a free hint- save regularly and keep a couple old versions around.  Just like in life, this scenario requires that you do some things in some semblance of order.  If you don't, you might find yourself trapped with no way out, or even killed.  (Ever try getting out of a car before slowing to a stop and turning off the engine?)  Unlike life, we can make backups of games we play, and thus not lose to much by simple errors.  This is a good idea.

How to use this file:
There are questions and each question has a number associated with its answer.  Then look up the answer in the answer table.  Hopefully this will keep you from getting answers to questions you do not need or want yet.

If you have other suggestions, please pass them along.  This file can grow.

A)  Where can I find: (* required item)
*Flying scroll:  3
*Emerald Sphere: 10
Catnip:  1
Wyvern tails:  7
Staff of Power:  32
Magic Lamp:  11
Journal:  20
Caverns (progressive clues):  2, 12, 6, 21
Secret Paths outdoors:  36

B)  Where can I:
Buy items:  35
Sell items:  22
Identify Items:  14
Train:  4, 9
Acquire Mage Spells:  16
Acquire Priest Spells:  13
Acquire Alchemy:  25

C)  I am stuck at:
Crypt Door:  24,  8,  17
Open bridge:  19
Rizbar Lair:  18
Core barrier:  30

D)  Cast of characters with "speaking parts",
in no particular order:  29

E)  Dungeons:
Vital for plot points, in order:  23
But it is unlikely you can finish the scenario without visiting:  5
Just for fun (and profit and experience):  27

F)  In the Caverns:
All I found is caves off the main room:  31
How do I get the boat?  15
I'm stuck in the Lower Caverns:  26, 34
How do I get out of the core?  4,  28


1. In the slime caves off the chamber with the big slime.  The slime caves are behind the vacationers cave.
2.  Talk with the Dwarves, Thorin will tell you where. 
3.  From one of the cats at the mage's hut.  Ask them about spell components.
4.  There is no way back the way you came.
5.  Vacationer's cave, Slime pools, Dwarven and Hobgoblin lairs
6.  Across the river.
7.  Kill a Wyvern.  They will usually drop them.
8.  Hint on clue- first two letters are "he", which is a male.
9.  Flying Mage (item lore only)
10.   In the back of the giant fort, near the treasure room.  search for secret doors.  You will need this to get the flying scroll.
11.  In the slime caverns, on a body
12.  At the end of the path between the high mountains, outdoor area 0,1
13.  Drai (Priest in glade), Giant Lair, Hobgoblin Lair
14.  Dwarves, Adventurers
15.  You need the flying scroll.  And when you have it, you better be strong enough to keep it.
16.  Adventurers, Mutt&Jeff, Hobgoblin Lair, Flying Mage, Core
17.  Heroine
18.  Need Piercing Crystals.  The nearest place might be the Island in the Up per Caverns
19.  Check path to north.  Look for a ford to get across.
20.  From the Large Drake
21.  Walk into the falls.
22.  Dwarves
23.  Mage's Hut, Giant Freehold, Mage's Hut, Behind the Falls, Upper Caverns (2), Lower Caverns, Core
24.  Read clues on obelisk, then look at door.  To input another guess look at door again
25.  Mage's Study
26.  It is a one way trip down, so once you get there I hope you are ready.
27.  Ogre Village, Wyvern Lair, Rock Slide, Drake's Cave, Mage's Study, Peaceful Glen, Camp Site, Path, Crypt
28.  After the fight search north.
29.  Bruce (the flying mage), Drai, Mutt, Jeff, Arthur, Large Drake, Adventurers (Kai, Valisa, Sharon, Kfir),  Dwalin, Valder, Graybeard, Steinbyce, Horgud, Thorin
30.  Didn't learn dispel barrier or bring piercing crystals?  Hmmm... where was that backup...
31.  Go back down the passage a bit and check the eastern wall.
32.  With the Hobgoblin leader
33.  Hope you are having fun.
34.  You need to get to the center to go on.
35.  Dwarves, Adventurers
36.  Given as (X,Y outdoor- X,Y in that area) these are roughly located at  0,0-19,23; 0,1-28,24; 0,2-18,15; 1,0-21,28; 1,1-33,35; and N. of the open bridge.