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Chains Walkthrough
by Game pu

This walkthrough is written largely from memory so I apologize if it is not always precise.

  Your first task is to gather evidence against the three suspects.   Talk to the boy Rex and he will tell you he saw the innkeeper hugging something.
  Go in to the innkeeper's room and look at the brazier to find evidence.
  Go into the priest's room in the inn by walking though the barrier and look at the book to get evidence.  
  Talk to Milda's maid, Becca, to get one piece of evidence. Also ask the town alchemist about Rick to get another bit of evidence. After you have all the evidence go question the three suspects about what you have found. After that you should get a message to rest in your room in the inn.

(Avondale night)
  Cast charm foe on Duke and then talk to him to stop the fight. After that go check Rex's house, then go to the meeting outside city hall, then go talk to Zep in his room. Zep will tell you to rest in your room again.
  Go to Linda's house and in to her room. Go to Milda's house and kill the demon. A passage should appear near the Bed in Milda's house.

(Secret Lab)
  You fight a couple more demons and then confront Milda here. Rescuing Linda ends your work in Avondale.
  Travel west down the road to the next town. Talk to the order mage in the town under construction to get a new mission. Go north to reach the cave.

  Nothing really special here just remember that you can use the stones to walk over the water. Also remember to search for secret passages. The hole in the northwest takes you to the next area.

  Look for a secret room in the southwest, behind a statue, to find two candles. Put one candle on each brazier and then step on the rune.
  Look at the machine next to the south coffin and then enter the trapdoor.
  Remove all three gems and then replace them while putting the red one on either the northwest or northeast pillar then step on the rune. Repeat the above while putting the red gem on the other pillar
so that both the east and west walls are broken.
  Look at the machine near the vat of oil to change the direction. Place the red gem on the altar and look at it to release the blood worm. Lead the worm until it is near the vat trap and then step on the rune.
  I believe the last area in the crypt consists of you looking at an image and then being warped to Remaze.

(Old Crypt)
  Talk to the mage to get some information and then leave.

(Avondale Memorial)
  Break in to Zep's grave to get a citizen pass. Also take the tattered robes and hold on to them.

  With the citizen pass you can enter the city. To avoid getting executed you have to talk to the woman in the green dress who is standing near the court doors. Ask the woman about "curt" and "mark" and the adventurers should show up to save you.
  After your stay of execution Sammic will give you your last mission. To stop Linda you must do three things:
  Find the pact you made with her parents.
  Get rid of Linda's Uncle.
  Find proof that she is performing the summoning.

Getting the Pact:
  Talk to Anna in one of the northwest houses to find out about her friend the person finder. The person finder is in a house in the southeast. Ask him about "Anna" and then give him the tattered robe.
After that go to the hut north of the memorial to find Zep and get the pact.

Bumping off the Uncle:
  Talk to the acolyte in the southwest labs to find out about a boat. Ask Jeremiah the trainer about "boat"
and pay him for the key.
  Go to the boat house north of the city to get the boat. Use the boat to reach Z tower.
  Get the two items from your old friend and then use the portal to leave.
  Go to Linda's house and enter her uncle's room. Drop the enhanced piercing crystal on the red barrier
and then look at it to break the barrier.
  If you are having a hard time getting past the energy bolts you can try hasting yourself and running over the bolts in combat mode.
  Look for a secret passage behind the desk. If you are having a hard time opening the door near the coffin then you may need to use the character editor to increase your intelligence. Increase your Intelligence
to 20 and then try casting unlock doors a few times.
  After you see the demon book go back and tell Sammic about it. After Sammic refuses to help go talk to Zep in his hut. With Zep return to the uncle's room.
  Use the portal frame you got from Zankozzie during the fight with Remaze.

Getting proof of summoning:
  Go to Linda's house and enter her room. (If you can't enter because someone is there you may need to wait a day or two)
  Look at the painting on the wall of her room. The password is Linda's mother's name, Elizabeth. Take the robes and equip them.
  Talk to the pawn shop/food seller guy in the city about Linda. Keep giving him money until he mentions Linda putting the cuffs of her robe on a wall.
  Go behind the counter of the abandoned building in the northwest and look at the wall. If you are wearing the robes and got the info from the pawn shop guy, a secret passage should open. Just step in to Linda's secret lab and then go tell Sammic about it.
  To get back into Linda's lab you have to go talk to the wizard in the southwest lab. Ask him about Linda to get permission to use his portal. After that input 6,8 into the control panel to warp to the entrance of Linda's lab.
  During your second visit to Linda's lab grab the meat, knife and book and then use the portal frame to escape. Take the items back to Sammic.

Once you finish the above tasks use the stairs behind Sammic's office to begin the trial and end the scenario.