Quest for the Crown
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by Glenn

Author and Editor Notes
Castle Zheimer
Bandit's Hideout
Koth's Lair
Ogre Cave
Abandoned Jewel Mine
Nature Grove
Fortress of the Sliths
Haunted Crypt
For a word.doc of this walkthrough along with three town maps, e-mail Glenn with your request.
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Quest for the Crown
V1.0.0,, Low – Medium, G
By Anne & Paul Duynisveld
Author Hints:
We like using containers, bookcases, etc. We like talking to our animals. Have your Party prepared before entering each new section. Be sure to save game before entering the Tower! Lots of info in the dialogue boxes. If your memory isn’t good, have a pencil and paper ready.
To anyone to do our scenario with the low default party. It can be done but you have to utilize everything carefully and have an excellent knowledge of your Party Members and their capabilities. Have Fun!

(ed.) I didn’t use the “default” Party, because I prefer a different make up of characters, (2 Fighters, 2 Priests, 2 Mages), but I did start with a Level 1 Party, as recommended. I saved often, explored everything and did not throw anything away. Either use it, or sell it. It’s diversified and challenging and should only be played at Level 1. This is a most enjoyable scenario. I strongly recommend it to new Players.
The Story: There are rumors of some sort of Quest at the Castle and the Queen will be expecting you.

O-072, 121: Castle Zheimer.
Level 1:
30-34, 57: South Entrance to Castle Courtyard
12, 29-33: West Entrance.
51, 29-33: East Entrance.
19, 49: Ye Olde Armor Shoppe. WILBER, “Will”. Armor, Bronze.
14, 47: Ye Olde Weapon Shoppe. WILBERT, “Bert”. Weapons, Bronze.
14, 42: Ye Olde Fletcher Shoppe. ROBIN. Missiles.
14, 16: Ye Olde Learning Center. ARNOLD. Training.
49, 11: Ye Olde Iron Monger’s Shoppe. ARIELLE. Buy/Sell, Misc.
49, 15: Ye Olde Fish Monger’s Shoppe. ELWOOD. Food.
49, 20: Ye Olde Chemist Shoppe. GWENDOLYN. Potions, (weak), Identify.
39, 44&45: &e Olde Pub_Tavern. MAISEY. Meals, Room.
31-33, 07: North Courtyard Exit to Castle.
23-25, 45: South Castle Exit to Courtyard.
22, 45: South West Corridor to –
01, 46: Stairs up to Level 2: 05, 26. *Rampart around Castle, only.
26, 45: South East Corridor to –
46, 46: Stairs up to Level 2: 26, 26. *Rampart around Castle, only.
22, 01: North West Corridor to –
01, 01: Stairs up to Level 2: 05, 05. *Rampart around Castle, only.
26, 01: North East Corridor to –
46, 01: Stairs up to Level 2: 05, 28. *Rampart around Castle, only.
22, 40&41: Throne Room.
10-12, 44: Carpeted Stairs up to Level 2: 15-17, 25.
26, 39&40: Royal Banquet Room.
22, 17: Butler’s Pantry. JEEVES. “Although the King is unwell, the whole Castle cannot fall apart, sir.”
19, 07: Butler’s Quarters.
26, 17: Kitchen. COOKIE.
44, 13: Chef.
44, 18&22: Scullery Maids.
44, 08: Kitchen Storage.
44, 03: Weak Wall.
06, 26: Royal Archives. WALTER. “The King can’t even remember if he has a Kingdom.”
07, 29: Secret passage between rooms.
11, 26: Royal Scribe.
18, 26: Office.
11, 21: Jester’s Rest. JESTER. “King Al used to be a happy fellow. Everyone, including the Queen, is upset about him. She has placed her hope in a rumor about a Crown. You’ll have to see her about it.”
11, 10: Royal Mage. BIRDY. Mage & Priest Spells. “None of my Spells seem to be helping the King.”
11, 05: Chamber Maids.
13, 04: Stairs up to Level 2: 16, 06.

Level 2:
24, 10: Queen’s Room.
18, 12: her Royal Majesty. QUEEN ALEESHA.
*My Husband, King Al, is not well. His health has become critical. I have a Quest for you. I have heard of an Ancient Crown capable of helping a man be a great King. One to rule with Knowledge, Wisdom, Justice, Love and Peace, and a Long Life. There is only one citizen that may know more about it. To the West is a very venerable Dragon named, KOTH. He is a recluse, but I will give you a Royal Request and he will be sure to see you.”
23, 20: Secret passage to Royal Lady in Waiting.
20, 24: Royal Lady in Waiting. RENA.
15-17, 25: Three Carpeted Stairs down to Level 1: 10-12, 44.
12, 24: Royal Valet. CHARLES.
11, 20: Secret Passage to –
14, 15: His Royal Majesty, KING AL.
10, 10: King’s Room.
O-084, 127 : Farmers in this area are all wearing Weapons because Bandits have a Hideout in the hills nearby. They’ve asked the King for help, but he hasn’t done anything about the Thieves. They know you’re on a Quest for the Queen, but ask if you could help them.

O-085, 138: Bandit’s Hideout.
08, 21: Door to Chest with Gold, Food.
12, 10: Cattle stolen from the local Farmers. You should go tell them where they are.
*Return to inform the Farmers where the cattle are. They treat you to a pig and corn roast.
O-033, 137: Koth’s Lair.
*Enter, see Baby Dragons playing.
*KOTH. “I see you have a Request from the Queen. I will assist you.”
“I have found a very old Crown that may well be the Crown that Queen Aleesha spoke to me about. It is centuries old as far as I can ascertain.” His voice has lowered to a rumbling level. (Thank Goodness!)
The legend tells of a lowly peasant who became a great ruler with the help of the Crown. The stones in the Crown represent; Wisdom…Knowledge…Justice…Love and Peace…and Long Life. Eons ago, the Crown was lost in a major disaster.
My grand-dragons were digging and found a Crown which they brought to me. Imprints in the metal tell me it is the Crown we are seeking. So the legend had to have occurred in this realm. Our problem is that all the gems are missing.
An ancient jewel mine to the West, in the mountains, was abandoned generations ago. It is the closest mine to where the Crown was found and might be a place to start. Also…
There is an ancient prospector that lives to the North. He used to prospect in the area and might be of help. He is a loner, but loves to talk of the old days.
Bring any unique jewels to me and I will try to replace them in the Crown. If you are successful, then Queen Aleesha and I might be able to help King Al.”
*Ask, “special” when you bring the gems to me.
O-024, 067: Old Miner. LODE.
   ~~   : MUTT. Ask Lode about, “Ogres” and “Identify”.
*Ask, “Ogres”. Lode says the Ogres have a Cave to the West. They have something big. I heard one of them talking about a big Jewel.

O-005, 066: Ogre Cave.
36, 04: Entrance.
08, 31: Secret passage to –
05, 39: Box with a Large Jewel. GREEN.
O-27, 139: Kobold Encampment.

O-005, 139: Abandoned Jewel Mine.
04, 09: Secret passage to; 06, 11: Body with Items.
05, 16: Secret passage to; 05, 18: Garbage Pile with Items, 07, 27: Garbage Pile with Items.
18, 18: Secret passage to;
14, 19: Secret passage to; 15, 14: Garbage Pile with Items.
18, 27: Secret passage to; 19, 25: Body with Items, 22, 25: Body with Items
23, 26: Body with Large Jewel. PINK.
21, 22: Secret passage to; 24, 21: Garbage Pile with Items.
29, 12: Secret passage to; 24, 15: Garbage Pile with Items.
29, 18: Secret passage to;
23, 10: Secret  passage to; 22, 08: Body with Items.
18, 06: Secret passage to; 18, 09: Garbage Pile with Items.
O-045, 094: Nature Grove.
14, 11: Flight of the Arrow. JESSICA.
47, 09: Mountain Lake Inn. SHELLEY.
  *King Al is a relative, so there’s no charge to stay here. SE Room: Rest, Store.
49, 54: Noble Transportation. CEDRIC. Horses @ 400gd.
25, 37: Fine Herbs. SYMONE. Ingredients.
  *Husband should be outside in Garden. Ask, “Family”.
  *ERIC. “Recipes.”
08, 58: NICKY. Hears noises from Building.
22, 58: Building with Goblins. Items.
   ~~    MARK. River comes from the mountains. A Sage in Town has a relative who lives up there.
34, 32: Nature’s Sage. FREZZNO. Potions, Information.
  *My Great Grandfather is an ancient that lives on the other side of the Gorge. But the way is dangerous. Get a boat from Skipper. If you find my Great Grandfather, mention my name.
53, 31: Ahoy Maties. SKIPPER. Boats @ 300gd.
*Take Boat out on Lake, go North.
O-050, 090: Cave the water flows into.
*No matter which series of Waterfalls you take you will have to pass through the Slith Fortress.

O-075, 072: Fortress of the Sliths.
09, 18: Body with Items.
05, 30: Body with Items.
07, 17: Door, North. *All three go to the same open area. Fight toward East, Bridge.
29, 06: Door to North Lever, North Portcullis.
29, 41: Door to South Lever, South Portcullis.
33, 28&30: Doors to Shipping Area.
37, 23: Secret Door to Storage Area. Misc. Items.
41, 14: Secret Door to Office Area.
*Once the Sliths have been defeated and the Portcullis’ opened, return to your Boat and continue downstream. Work your way through the Rapids to the open water. Go East to –

O-090, 091: Home of the Ancient Slith. HOMER.
“I mind my own business.” “Fezz sent you. I will help you all I can. Koth and I have our own way of communicating. I have heard all about the Crown from him. I have a jewel in my chest. It is of no use to me.”
“There is an old Church site in the North where there are many valuables buried.”
“Far to the North, there is a Cult that is powerful because of a ‘Stone of Knowledge’ they have.”
26, 14: Chest with Large Jewel. YELLOW.

O-090&091, 053: River rushes into two small caves, too small to enter. You’ll have to find another way.

O-087, 053: Lower Tunnel to Wooded Area.

O-052, 040: Wolves Den.

O-084, 037: Wilderness Outpost.
20, 19: BEN FRANKIE. Identify, Sell.
13, 22: ANNIE the OAK. Food and Potions.
11, 08: DAN BOONE. Train.
O-075, 018: Crumbling Walls of Old Church.
O-076, 016: Stairway to an Old Crypt.
O-076, 015: Haunted Crypt.
24, 04: Entrance.
20, 34: Door to Box with Large Jewel. BLUE.

O-059, 027: Nephilim Wood Cutters Encampment.
16, 15: SIMBA. Crew Leader.
  *They’ve been having trouble with Wolves and Bears, to the North. Help for Reward.

O-059, 011: Wolves & Bear Den.
  *Return to Simba for a Reward.

O-041, 044: Mountain View.
20, 05: KELLA. Daughter is very sick. Father Will needs ingredients. If you can help, she will give you a reward of an old family heirloom.
15, 09: Shrine of the Bluebird. FATHER WILL. Healer.
  *He has an Herb Garden on a nearby plateau, but Demons keep him from it. If you could get to it, he needs some “Toad Wort”.
17, 23: LANCE. Train.
26, 22: LACEY. Augmentation, Wands.

O-030, 032: Path to Plateau.
*As you reach the top of the Plateau, a Lightning Bold from a nearby Tower flashes and Demons appear.
It would seem that someone in that Tower doesn’t want you to be here!
*After killing the Demons, search the area for other ingredients!

*Return to Father Will and give him the Toad Wort. Then go to Kella, who will give you a Gold Ring of Regeneration.
O-018, 020: Tower, JERICO.
*Cannot access. There must be another way.

O-020, 008: Lever disguised as a Tree Branch. Pull, Bridge to Island appears with a Pit in the center of a Lava Pool. “Climb”
Follow any of the Conveyor Belts, fighting Monsters as you go. Arrive at an open area:

JERICO, Level 1, Basement.
There are several Rooms with Monsters in them. Eventually , you will reach:
31, 35: Secret Door to Room with a Maze of Trees.
06, 57: Portal to –

JERICO, Level 2, Ground.
LUCIFER. Evil, High Priest. Your “Guide”, then realizes you don’t belong here, so he yells for “HELP!”
15, 24-29: Library. Items.
08, 30: Identifying Crystal. Identify.
14, 16: Room with Ogres. Items.
15, 15: Room with Demons, Hordlings, Wights. Items.
26, 23: Instructions for Room of Learning.
15, 33: Room with Evil High Priest. Books with Spells.
27, 37: Door to Room with Walls. “Move Mountains” to -
41, 42: Portal to –

JERICO, Level 3.
28, 24: Ornate Stand with Large Jewel. PURPLE. *As you take the jewel, an explosion occurs. Better get out of here fast!
20, 24: Portal to –
Outside. Building is falling. Better get out of here before it falls on you!

*Return to identify, sell, train, etc., then go to Koth’s Cave @ O-033, 137.

Say, to Koth, “Special”, five times; once for each of the jewels, as Koth fits them into the Crown.
Koth says, “The Crown is ready. I have sent word to the Castle and the Queen and King are to arrive shortly.” As he speaks, they arrive with all their staff.
Koth addresses the Queen, “Your majesty, the Crown is ready. Shall we try it on the King to see if it works?”
“Yes, with all speed, Koth. King Al grows worse by the moment.” Queen Aleesha replies.
Koth places the Crown gently on the Kings head. Nothing happens for about a minute and then the King shuts his eyes tightly and when he opens them wide, he shouts, “Scribe!…Quickly…I need to make a decree! We need to…”
As the King starts dictating to his scribe you whisper to Koth, “The Crown worked…could we make more for all the other people suffering from Al-Zhiemer’s disease?”
Koth replies sadly, “No. There is only one Crown and no one knows how the magic works. All I know is that the magic will be gone when King Al is gone. Maybe, someday, a Mage, Priest, or Healer will find a true cure.”

The End