Quest for the Orbs
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by Bruce Mitchell
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Can you find the six stolen orbs?
Yes you can if you follow this walkthrough.

Collect your cash and food from your room. Go to Sister Sarah in the Temple of the Gods. Ask her about ‘crime’ and ‘help’. You can talk to Fred at his shop ‘Fantastic Iron Weapons’ to know what to do next.

Fort Norgar
Head south to Fort Norgar at x60 y43. Enter from the south. Wait – do not attack. In prison, eat then rest. Win the fight. Confront Captain Derickson in the room across the corridor. Before pursuing him, go through secret door x26 y28, avoid the first two rooms, and then in the third room search the left treasure chest, making sure you read the map.
Now go north in the corridor to pursue the Captain. Go to the NE room, confront Samuel the Mage. Slay him. Go to the portal, take it. Exit the fort to the south.

Go to the white spot x50 y85. Then go west and attack the bandits at x33 y80. Go west to the Mage’s Tower at x13 y79.

Mage’s Tower
Enter from the east. Go up the stairway at x32 y14. Look at the bookshelf x37 y16. Push the button. Go through the revealed door. Answer the riddle with ‘fire’. Look in the chest at x40 y9, open it, and take a crystal.
Go to the dangerous lab (e.g. door at x14 y34, then door x13 y30). Go toward Captain Derickson at x18 y23. Then place the crystal on the machinery at x13 y21 (the crystal miraculously returns to your special items, but you can ignore this!).
Then get out of the tower – you can walk, no need to run. Then head to the camp to the SE at x24 y86.

Enter the camp, go east. Wait to hear what they say. Then wait or flee, as preferred.

Get the Six Orbs
The order that seems to make the most sense is as follows:-

(2) Go to the Slith Village at x7 y60. Talk to the Chief in the NW of town and get your mission.
Leave town and go to the cave to the east at x43 y65. Look in the dresser (x32 y34), read the note, remember the keycode 69472. Check also the note in the desk (x42 y36). Go to x33 y16 and enter the keycode. Listen to the conversation. Look in Captain Larry’s dresser (x42 y24). Wait five minutes for the alarm to be sounded! Try to leave town. Attack when prompted. Kill Captain Larry. Return to the Slith Chief and get your reward orb #2.

(1) Go to the Lizard Cave (x15 y6). First go to x42 y17. Search the body. Take the note and read it. Then go to x7 y15 and recover orb #1.

(3 & 4) Go to the Moist Cave at x4 y43. Go to x33 y8, enter the door, sort the bandits, go to the chest (x19 y10), open it, and take the two orbs. 

(5) Go to Henry’s House at x24 y29. Ask him about ‘collector’, then ‘found’. Then you must have 8,000 GP to buy the fifth orb – say ‘like’.

(6) Enter the Abandoned House x76 y33 from the west. Kill the Captain and recover the sixth and final orb.

Return to Denmark, place the six orbs on the pedestal in the Temple. Get your reward from Sister Sarah. Leave the Temple. Join battle with the desperate Captain Derickson. Slay h im and save Denmark Province from the bandits. The guard forgets to give you the sparkling helmet. Leave town to the east or west. The End.

Other Hints
· Don’t waste 10,000 GP on real estate.
· In the Slith Village, talk to Felraness in the SW. Ask ‘armor’, and then ‘help’.   
   Remember the password ‘fireball’. Get some scales from Kothor (outside x74 y86),
   then return for your reward.
· Seriss in the Slith Village has some useful Mage Spells for sale.