Meet the Party
Basil Stag Hare
Ambrose Spike Hedgehog Treerose Squirrel
Cornflower Fieldmouse
The Good Guys
Unarmed Mole
Martin the Warrior
The Tapestry
Order Member
Unarmed Mousemaid Armed Mouse
Unarmend Mouse
Extra Dialogue Pics.
Tim and Tess Churchmouse
Boy Mouse
Extra Talking Pics
Father Abbot
Silent Sam
Girl Mouse
Friar Hugo
General Hare
Captain Snow
The Villans
Rat with Cutlas Cluny the Scourge
Toad Lackey Rat Archer
Rats are adapted from the BoE game original.
Toad King
Rat Spearman
Stoat with Spear
An adaptation of the original BoE ice lizard.
The Setting
Red walls, stairs, floor, and grate.
Adapted from Relhan and Jon Richards graphics.
Please Note - All names and ideas are taken from Brian Jacques' novel Redwall. Some of the Dialogue pics are miniatures of the works of Christopher Denise and Chris Baker whose fullsize work can be found in the Gallery of Other Dialogue pics are miniatures of the cartoon version of Redwall which can be found at You can find links to these sites below.
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