Classic and Open Blades of Exile

As compiled by Almighty Doer of Stuff.

No harm in a little redundancy, eh?

Blades of Exile is free, open-source software that allows you to design, share, and play adventures using the engine of the award-winning Exile role-playing games, by Spiderweb Software. It uses a simple point-and-click, node-based system that involves no scripting or coding. Over 300 scenarios have been shared since Blades of Exile was released in 1997. It no longer works, so Spiderweb Software gave it to the community under GNU GPL 3.0.

Classic Blades of Exile (CBoE) runs reasonably well on modern computers. Very little user-end functionality is changed from the 1997 version. It is not being maintained but may allow you to play scenarios immediately.

  • Classic BoE for Windows. Mac OS version currently unavailable.

Open Blades of Exile (OBoE) is a project to fix many bugs, add a few unobtrusive features, maintain compatibility with legacy scenarios and save files, and provide stable code going forward. It is under development and may have major bugs.

Blades of Exile Resources: