Welcome to Pixlè Profusion

This is a Spiderweb Software fansite. It is dedicated to the facilitation of the job of scenario designers for the games Blades of Avernum (BoA) and Blades of Exile (BoE). In these pages you will find every descent graphic ever made for the game. Click on either link above to choose your game platform.


For those of you unfamiliar with BoA and BoE, a little history:

Spiderweb Software is an indy game development company. They have spent the last twenty years creating RPGs (Role Playing Games) with huge, intricate storylines and strategic, turn-based gameplay.

One of those games was BoE. With it, the players can become the storytellers by creating their own scenarios that are as simple or as intricate as they like. Other players can then download the scenarios and play them. A game that never gets old as long as there are designers to make new scenarios.

Later the company decided to upgrade its games from a flat 2D look to 3D graphics and BoA was made to come alongside BoE.


Designing a scenario for one of these games is no easy task. It takes effort to learn the Editor applications, but there is a loyal and friendly community behind the games that are there to support designers in various ways.

For my part, I have searched for and organized all of the graphics ever made for either game and present them to aspiring designers here for easy access in choosing a look for the heroes and antagonists of their stories.

If you have created a graphic for BoE or BoA and would like it included in my graphics library, please fill out the submission form.

If you are looking for a specific graphic and have not found what you need here or if you are a graphics artist and would like to let the community know you are willing to help if the need arises, send me an e-mail and I will get your information up on the Requests page.