Blades of Exile

Blades of Exile is an excellent RPG from Jeff Vogel, from Spiderweb Software. This is the sequel to the famous Exile Trilogy. In fact, it's far more than a simple RPG, as it is a scenario editor and scenario player, that allows the player to design his own scenarios and to play others'.

An increasing number of pages are now devoted to this great game; you can find most of them by looking for them in Spiderweb's page, or by consulting the Blades of Exile Webring, which many of BoE sites point to. Here's a list of other BoE related sites. You'll find useful informations about the Exile community there.

I've established a Scenario Database about the various and numerous scenarios that are available for you to play. You will find direct links to most of Blades scenarios currently available, along with some useful and some useless informations about them.

Actually, the BoE community runs an Arena, where players sent self-designed monsters that will fight each other. BoErs create factions and enter alliances that compete to rule the Arena. It is located here, on Akhronath's page.

For 5 seasons, I, Caligula, Roman Emperor, was the master of the faction SPQR (that means Senatus PopulusQue Romanus, the Senate and People of Rome). I'm now retired from the Arena, but you can still see my reports about my fighting activities.

You will find a quick summary of my planned scenarios, and some ideas for other cenarios you could do (as I won't have the time to make them) in my Scenarios Project page.

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