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(Whenever this website is part of the BoE Webring, I'll place the webring hub here.)

Site Updates:

7/10/04- (TM. Again. Deal with it.) BIG news has been a-comin'! Hence, my use of the big font! (A clever one, me.) See Olympia for details. New contest, and congrats to Thuryl on a win.

5/19/04- (TM says...) I uploaded a very old but still valuable and funny article by Alcritas. Find it at the Oddities section, along with the rest of the parodies. Also, I uploaded the Old Contests section at Olympia.

5/1/04- (TM says...) Wow, am I slow! That said, the Designer's Forum is back online. Also, I have submitted not one but TWO articles- Bang! and Simple Innovations.

3/16/04- (TM says...) I've added some BoE parodies (great ones by Creator) to the Assorted Oddities section. If anyone has parodies of BoE scenarios, then by all means, send them to me! Like before, my email is

3/15/04- (TM says...) Not that this is the absolute beginning of The Lyceum being on Geocities, as I've been working on the Designer's Forum for a short while, and it was on Geocities at some point prior if memory serves. Nevertheless, I have 26 of the Designer's Forum articles done (preferably sooner in the near future), and hope to have all 47 done before the end of March- a goal I should have little trouble attaining. After that, I plan on at least partially restoring Olympia; the Sixth Contest wasn't wiped out, the graphics portion was on my site and the other portions were on the Message Boards at the time. If Mab (who has graciously begun restoring the Scenario Reviews) works at a decent pace- considering my sluggish performance, not a wholly difficult thing to do- then I'll leave it to her to take care of the scenario reviews in the meantime. If you have anything from the Lyceum including Scenario Review screenshots, scenario walkthroughs, assorted oddities, and graphics by Alcritas (admittedly, I could snip-and-paste these myself, but if you can save me some work...), please email them to me at Thank you! ^_^