28/07/04 - It's been two months since I last updated. New background! Coming soon... Blades of Avernum graphics! Yay!

26/05/04 - added lots more graphics. Some made in a different style, using Photoshop.

25/05/04 - Joined the BoE webring. Added this section.

24/05/04 - Added female soldier and monarch graphics. Linked to a couple of good sites.

22/05/04 - Site launched. So far contains just a few graphics.

Here are a few graphics I made for the RPG and game makers Blades of Exile and Blades of Avernum, demos of which you can download  from Spiderweb Software, here.
I only have talking pictures up so far, which I made seeing as there is a general lack of them on other graphics sites. If you publish a scenario using these graphics, please credit them in your readme to Rosycat. However, please do not modify them. Particularly for dialogue pics, I will take requests, so e-mail me if you'd like something done.
Also, I will update frequently, so do check back regularly. Cheers! ^_^
For a wider variety of great BoE graphics, I suggest this site(need to archive) and this site.
For BoA graphics,
The Louvre.
Blades of Exile
WebRing Inc.
Blades of Exile
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