Jan 13 2004| 5:28 PM
No, I am not dead. I've just been takin' a break since The Seventh Plague was released. I updated TSP to v1.0.3, download in scenarios section.

Dec 6 2003 | 9:24 PM
The Seventh Plague is finished, and has been released! It is available for download on the Scenarios page.

Nov 27 2003 | 10:23 PM
Beta-testing is almost done. The scenario should be uploaded with in a few days.

Nov 26 2003 | 9:45 AM
Ok, I'm not dead. The beta-version of my scenario, The Seventh Plague, is done, it's being tested right now. Added a few more graphics. That's it.

Jul 28 2003 | 9:55 PM

Jul 19 2003 | 4:00 AM
I've reopened the forums, though I wont be moderating them, LoneFlame will take my place. Still haven't got a new chatroom. I'm gonna get some sleep, it's 4:00 in the morning, I'm as tired as Hell. L8r.

Jul 16 2003 | 3:02 PM
Bad news. The forums are closed. A certain person kept saying to leave and come to his board until finally nobody was left. More bad news. The chatroom is closed. Bravenet discontinued their free service. If you have another good host, email me!

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