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* BOE Scenario Links
* The Exile Community
* Scenario Creation
* Skyle's 5 PC Party

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* Spiderweb's Other Useful Pages

* Alcritas' The Lyceum is a page of a strong member of the community
* Archives of Akhronath has a lot of compiled and original information
* Olly's Exile Pages (Geocities)
* Exile III Expedition Establishment (Geocities)
* Exile: The Pit

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Similar Games

Team-based RPG games that include a game editor are listed at the end of the scenario creation page.
Similar games

ASBOEP Credits

Blades of Exile is a single player fantasy role-playing game (RPG), with 2D (top down viewing) turn-based movement and turn-based combat. The player controls a team of PCs (a party of 1 to 6 player characters) through a scenario's outdoors and towns or dungeons to gain experience and fame. Gameplay is excellent, but the graphics and sound have become dated. The Scenario Editor (included with the game) allows players to create scenario files for others to play in.

The Macintosh version requires Mac OS 7.0 or greater, 7 MB of hard drive space, 3 MB of RAM, and 256 colors. The shareware version of BOE for the Macintosh.

The Windows version requires Windows 3.1 or greater, 7 MB of hard drive space, 2.5 MB of RAM, and 256 colors. A sound card is recommended. The shareware version of BOE for Windows.

Go to Spiderweb Software, Inc. to learn more about Blades of Exile, the Exile Trilogy, and its other games.

The purpose of this site is to assist in scenario development.

See the site's history page and Site map page.


Site Links

* BOE Scenario Links - a compilation of links to scenario pages for the registered version of Blades of Exile.

* The Exile Community - a compilation of ways to interact with other Exile players. It includes links to chats, clubs, contests, mailing lists, message boards, monster arenas, two usenet groups, and the two web rings.

* Scenario Creation - a page with scenario basics, helpful text files, special nodes sequences, Beta Testing information and a link to utility scenarios.

* Skyle's 5 PC Party - party development based around my 5 PC human party of a main fighter, secondary fighter, two mages, and a priest.



BOE Playing Guide in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This playing guide lists combat tactics, party character abilities, mage and priest spells, alchemy, and other tidbits of information valuable to both the BOE player and scenario designer.(07/26/01).

For the classic light turquoise terrain scheme, use these Win Classic terrains (bmp, 126k zipped) instead of the 7 default Terrain bitmap files for Blades of Exile (Windows version). Be sure to read the text file for the disclaimer and instructions. For the Macintosh, get the Mac Classic terrains Res Edit file (1.17 MB zipped) from Stareye's Blades of Exile pages.

My only contribution to Spiderweb Software's Nethergate game, a Nethergate Playing Guide in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. It has some information on player character creation.

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