Here are some links to other Spiderweb Community stuff that I have gathered over the years.

  • Code of Community - Often times just knowing the written rules in a community isn't enough. There are often cultural unwritten rules also held by the members at large. This is the list of Spiderweb's unwritten rules as of 2006 so they're a bit outdated.

  • Periodic Table of Spiderwebbers - For a bit of fun, the Spiderweb community got together and asked the question, "If you were an element on the Periodic Table, which one would you be?". After some argument-ing and fuss most active members received an element which I have represented here in both a static graphic and an interactive one.

  • Spiderweb Deathmatch 2007 - Back in 2007 Slarty concocted and hosted an event called the Deathmatch where members 'battled' it out against each other for survival. They could use alies and meme special weapons as deemed appropriate by Slarty. I have archived the results of the Deathmatch here with both a static graphic representation and an interactive chart. Links to the archived threads are also recorded.

  • Miscelaneous Downloads - I have collected and been given more than just the scenarios for BoX. Anything else that I have for you to download as you wish is kept in a nice little list right here.