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December 2004 - Added list of downloads. Since I've started to host some scenarios I wanted to make it easier for you to find what I have.  I have taken down the download for AC3 since the lastest version is now available at Alex.  Plus it was taking up 1.5 MB of which I only get 15.  I plan to put up the other scenarios that don't have a link at present until Alex II gets up and going.   I hope everyone has a good holiday season no matter what you celebrate.

November 2004 - Slow month...
I've been concentrating on making my scenario lately so haven't done much in the way of writing walkthroughs.  I have updated anything sent to me including a map of Aizo at the Blazing Blades for Spy's Quest and new scenario Roots which included many hints for the game.  I've put up a few more of my own graphics, too.  Feel free to take a look.

October 2004 - Maps going up.
I've linked to all the relevant maps at the Blazing Blade and will try to keep an eye on it so I can update any new ones soon after Luz does.  I've gone through the CSR to add any scenario's I was missing and added all the utilities too with a special page to list them all together.  I also updated DemonIslandII, DoomMoon and DoomMoonII so they look better and are easier to navigate.  I am currently playing my way through AC1 for the first time and plan to write a walkthrough for it on a second run with my god party.

September 2004 - Many updates completed!
Thanks to the efforts of the community there is at least something up for about half of the scenarios.  There are still some uniformity issues to be worked out but I'd say things are looking great!  New submissions are still needed and wanted. Maps, hintsheets or walkthroughs.  All will be welcome and added to the site.  Hintsheets are especially needed since this is the most difficult thing for me to do myself.  I'm too 'matter-of-fact' to come up with all the what if questions that they need.  So if you have a little extra time go through your favorite scenario and make a hintsheet for me while you play the game again.  Thanks in advance for any and all help.

September 10, 2004 - Announcing: the very first Comprehensive Blades of Exile Walkthrough database!!!
I can't stand getting stuck in a scenario and I know it bugs you too so I've decided to do something about it.  I have created a walkthrough database for all the scenarios in BoE.  Right now I only have a handful of walkthroughs that already existed and a few for the scenarios I've already played, but eventually there will be a walkthrough for every scenario available here for your gaming enjoyment.  Please do not abuse this power.  Only look for an answer to a specific question you have.  If you have a walkthrough for a scenario that is not up please send it to me so I may post it.  Also if you are a designer who wishes that a walkthrough not be posted for your scenario or you want only a hint sheet available just let me know.  I am very flexible.  Eventually I would like to have maps, hint sheets, and complete walkthroughs for every scenario but seeing that I first have to play a scenario before I can create a walkthrough it will take a little time.  With the Blades Community support I am sure this site will be a well used tool for the future of BoE... and BoA if I ever get around to buying it.  Though I'd be happy to host any BoA walkthrough sent to me.  BtW - I also changed the official name of the website to TrueSite in honor of the little used spell in BoE.

August 2004 - Gizmo's BoE Page is open.
All I have is some information about me and some graphics i've made, but there'll be more later.
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