Spiderweb Website Archive

With the closing of Geocities comes a sad day when many author websites are purged from existence. Not willing to let them disappear into the ether, I am creating ghost sites for them here. While I'm at it, I ask myself, "Why stop there?". So I'll continue to search for defunct sites and pull anything possible form the web.archive and reconstruct it here. Anywhere I find a non-working link, I'll put brackets around it. If you find a long lost website at web.archive.org that I haven't put up yet, please e-mail the link to me.

  • The Abyss by E-Master - A website with a small collection of graphics and scenarios for BoE. There's also an old forum that hasn't been used since 2004.

  • The Blazing Blade by Luz - Where Luz hosts her beautiful BoE and BoA graphics and maps. She also has hints and a small scenairo collection.

  • Caligula's BoE Scenario Database - A BoE scenario collection.

  • Drizzt's BoE Page - Pulled from the web.archive so there's lots of missing graphics. If you find any relevant ones send them my way.

  • Fiend's Blades of Exile - Another taken from the wayback machine. Perhaps in the future, I can decipher which graphics go where from what I have and reconstruct his art pages.

  • Frahhamn's Groove - Frahham's BoE graphics.

  • HYZ's Spiderweb Pages - Contains a small collection of scenarios, graphics, and walkthroughs for BoE and some unfinished walkthroughs for Nethergate. Click on the links at the bottom of the page to navigate. IE needed. The frames have been giving me trouble, but at least you can get to everything now. I'll try to fix it but don't get your hopes up.

  • Lazarus' BoA Page - Where Lazarus hosts his BoA scenarios.

  • The Lyceum by Alcritas - Not the forum but the doorway to the forum which also contains Alcritas' BoE scenarios along with an unreplacable collecton of articles, reviews, and other odities.

  • Olly's Exile Pages - Contains maps for Exile 2 and 3 as well as information on spells, reagents, and monsters. Also has a small section for BoE's VoDT, some scenario downloads and a graphics tip. The links page is almost obsolete... good thing you've found mine.

  • Paul's BoE Page - A large BoE graphics collection.

  • The Realm of Bain-Ihrno - Where Bain keeps his BoE scenarios and Sub terra levels. He also has some other interesting stuff to check out.

  • Rosycat's BoE Pages - Where Rosycat hosts her BoE graphics.

  • Shinobi's Secret Ninja Lair - A unique BoE graphics collection.

  • A Simple BoE Page by Skyle - This site offers some good help for BoE scenario design among the obsolete links. Worth a look.

  • Smuggler's Alliance by WKS - Wild Karr de Smuggler's site for his BoE scenarios.

  • Solberg's Tower - Where you can find Solberg's BoE scenarios which have been branded as plagerism by the community. Read here if you don't know why and want to.

  • Zeviz's Game Pages - Contains detailed information on Avernum 2, Nethergate, Subterra, and an unofficial Geneforge editor.