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December 2006 - New scenarios out! With the urgency to get done for the contest, we've got some new scenarios for BoA.  I've put up the pages for Exodus and Embers of Rebellion each with download and hints.  Exodus with complete walkthrough.  Robinator has also fixed The Cheaters Paradise.  Get the new version here.

November 2006 - Got BoA?
I do!  It was so nice of Jeff to put it on sale, don't you think?  After all that hard work last month I treated myself to some game play time.  Mostly in preperation for the ones I plan to judge in the contest, but I also took a look at the competition.  For the record I think Dilecia will take the Newcomer category easily.  It's a toss up between Redwall and Where the Rivers Meet for second.  I started working on a walkthrough for Diplomacy with the Dead and it's mostly done.  I'll probably fininsh it after the judging is done though.

October 2006 - Graphics update done!
Echoes: Renegade for BoA has it's page with download and author written walkthrough.  All BoA scenarios have been updated to their most current version.  I've also included links to author homepages for as many as I could find.  If you know of a homepage I missed let me know and I'll put it up.  394 new Terrain graphics, 141 new Talking graphics, 106 new Item graphics, 97 new Dialogue graphics, 107 new 2x2, 1x2, and 2x1 monster  graphics, and 762 new 1x1 monster graphics have been posted.  For a grand total of 1607.  So this is all the graphics ever used for BoE scenarios minus a few that, in my own judgement, I left out.  I'm positive that some are not where they should be, but at least they are up.  If you recognise any as credited to the wrong person let me know and I'll change it ASAP.

September 2006 - More graphics on the way.
I'm working on my last major graphics update, which means I intend to go through every BoE scenario graphics sheet for new additions before updating again.  I'm more than halfway done with over 1000 graphics waiting to be uploaded and sorted. I expect the total addition to be around 1500 graphics.  And then... we'll see what I'm motivated to work on. Other updates include a page for new BoA scenarios Where the Rivers Meet and Rats Aplenty with their author made walkthroughs. I made Thralni's a little easier on the eyes then the readme.  BoA's VoDT now has the official walkthrough and maps up.  The Maze by Archmagus Micael is in limbo until his downloads are available on his page.  I also uncovered seven BoA utilities I had previously been unaware of.  Each has their own page with download.  If anyone knows who made BetterEditor, please e-mail me so I can give proper credit.  Thank you and enjoy!

August 2006 - Who flipped the switch?
All of a sudden the community has come to life.  I think I've had more BoE emails in just one week then I've had all year.  Game Pu has made a walkthrough for Arkenstone, Glenn sent me his fixed ULGI map for Falling Stars, and Luz sent me some graphics.  My own website updates include making all my downloads independent from the Archive, putting up over 400 more graphics into PixPro and making it easier to navigate, and updating my e-mail address.  Plus my first player scenario Redwall has been released.  So much for taking time to play and rate scenarios.  Oh well, this'll do.

July 2006 - Playing catch-up...
I've finally gotten around to putting up the newer scenarios.  The Final Spire, A Good Beginning, Dilecia, and Dallerdin's Scenario now each have their own page with download and Dilecia with author written walkthrough. 

June 2006 - School's out!
And Game pu has submitted a very thurough  walkthrough for At the Gallows.  The Lurker has also sent in a nice walkthrough for Nebulous Times Hence.  This is vacation month, though, so I don't know what else will get done.  Thank goodness for community.

May 2006 - Umm...
I don't think I did anything this month... or I just don't remember.  I have a couple hundred graphics waiting to be sorted and uploaded though.

April 2006 - New feature for you to play with.
Getting off a terrible addiction, I found myself with lots of time on my hands.  So since I like to mess with graphics and web pages I put together an interactive Periodic Table of Spiderwebbers(not quite done yet of course).  Hover over an element to see who it belongs to and their reason for being it.  Click on an element to be taken to it's wiki article page.  With all the graphics it'll take a while to load but I think it's neat anyway.  If you can't stand the wait, I've linked to the large graphic chart also.

March 2006 - Thank goodness spring is here!
I really do hate the cold.  All we have for this month is two found scenarios.  Paladin's Sword and Corruption.  Neither of which is worth playing unless you play EVERYTHING

February 2006 - OK, so I got a little lazy.
Or at least busy with things other then BoX, but despite the lull there are still 12 new maps up.  All pertinent BoE scenarios that are on the letter 'B' page have an outdoor map.  Any scenario that does not have a map has no viable outdoor section.  Smoo has sent me a walkthrough for Balkwater Calls and Jeff Porterfield (HareHunter) made one  for AC1.  Luz also sent me five new graphics for PixPro which I didn't upload till last minute, but last minute is better then never.  A big thank you to all three for their contributions to the site.  Keep up the good work.

January 2006 - Another new year, have you made a resolution?
My resolution is to have less revelation and more results.  Working out pretty good so far.  500 more graphics up at Pixle Profusion as I've incorporated Shyguy's Adventurer's Club trillogy into the mix.  Alot of his stuff is edit's but please let me know if you notice a real duplicate somewhere.  I think I've weeded them all out but there was a lot to go through.  Also since credit given in the readmes were vague at best, if you know for sure that a certain graphic belongs to another artist please let me know and I'll change it over right away.  Included in the update are six monster / terrain Robin Thomas sent me, some monsters and talking pics (mostly women) from Luz, and Spiderweb's monsters that are available in the game.  Posted mostly for helping myself label edits, but also to make Pixle Profusion a one stop shop for deciding on which graphics you want to use in your game.  OK, show of hands, how many of you think that credit needs to be given on edits to original author?  Second question, who would like updates listed chronologically as well?  If neither of these is important enough for many responses, I'm not going to bother.  So if you want it, you gotta tell me.  BoA scenario Magus of Cattalon has it's page with author written walkthrough and download.  BoE scenarios Aftershocks, Amazonian Saga, Arachnid Attack, Areni, Ashen, At the Gallows, Avalon, and Adventurer's Club 2 all have new outdoor maps. And BoE utility The Ultimate Equipment has it's page with download.  Diablo's Demise has been found (not that it's that big a treasure) and walkthroughs for Brotherhood of the Hand and Forsaken have been linked to.
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