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November 2007 - Last minute update.  Added some links between the CoC and the archive.  Hopefully it will curb some questions. If anyone can find a good explanation post for Ed for me, that'd be great.  Other link suggestions welcome. BoA scenarios Mystery Manor by Michael Slack and Blades Invaders by Dintiradan are up and Amnesia is updated.

October 2007 - How do you pronounce pumpkin?
It's funny, for me I leave off the second p when talking about 'pumkins' but I put it back in if it's 'pumpkin pie'.  TM has released his 24-hour scenarios so they're all up.  IMAGINE THIS SCENARIO, Aphobia, and Avatar.  I've also noticed the Port of River and Leaf so it's up, too.

September 2007 - School's back in.
The Code of Community is still undergoing finalization.  It should be near approval soon.  El Presidente for BoA is now up with hints.

August 2007 - How you doin'?
Got a few things going on.  Game pu has once again sent in more BoE walkthroughs.  Chains and Zankozzie's Big Mistake have been updated with them.  BoA's Darkness by Ephesos is also up with hints, and I updated the known bugs for WtRM and version for Express Delivery (just incase).  I expect more 24-hour scenarios to come as they are released to the public.  Crynsos sent in a submission of 7 BoE graphics which have been included in pixpro. I finally finished organizing the Spiderweb site listings. The 'Spiderweb Site Listing' title is now a link. Check it out.  While revisiting the sites I came across a BoE demo that we haven't had up before.  Resistance by StuJLaird now has a page with download.  A Visit to the Madhouse for BoA is also up.  The Code of Community has been added.

July 2007 - I win, I win!
Bain's a couple days late in announcing it but I finally won a ratings contest!  This is only the third year I've tried.  You can view my acceptance speech here.  I think the prize is still going to be a custom title of my choice.  I haven't quite picked it yet.  In other news, Game pu sent in another walkthrough with hints.  This time for Avalon.  Thanks so much for your time and effort. I've updated WtRM to it's new version and included a link to Thralni's map.  PS. I love KoL.  Somebody get me off this thing...

June 2007 - School's out! 
At least in my neck of the woods. Does that mean more time for scenarios or more time spent playing?  Only time can tell.  Foul Hordes for BoA has been given a page. The author included hints. And SMAdventurer has released The Dark Side of the Moon for BoE.  It's page is ready.

May 2007 - The BoE scource code has been released!
I expect many updates to the game and editor as the community works on making it bug free and I look forward to new scenarios made with the fixed editor.  I added the Shortest Scenario Ever! to the list of BoA scenarios.  I thought of writing a walkthrough for it just for prestigue sake but, well, I didn't.  Anthony Clark stopped by and dropped off four graphic submissions.  They have been posted to PixPro.  Game Pu also sent in four short walkthroughs for Prison, Abyss, A Small Mission, and Attack of the BM Cabages.  Enjoy.

April 2007 - Spring into action. 
Work on a scenario, play through a game, make a walkthrough or map.  Together we can make the community a better, brighter place. /pep talk  Congrats to Niemand on finishing Stairway for BoA and including a hint sheet for it, to Ephesos for Shades of Gray with hints, to Arancaytar for Express Delivery, to Nioca for Witch Hunt with hints and walkthrough, to Terror's Martyr for Bonus Army, and to Dintiradan for his Kill Prize, Win Ogre.  Jayne Holt sent me 7 BoE graphics for PixPro, mostly men.  Zealot sent me 23 graphics as well.  Monsters, items and terrain.  Thank you much!  All have been updated and integrated. I'm also up to 90 SW related links. Wow!  I should probably get to organizing them better, shouldn't I?

March 2007 - 1/10 Deadline is looming! 
And the designers are producing.  Five new short BoA scenarios have been added so far.  Amnesia, Frostbite, SettlersTwilight Valley, and The Empire's New Grove.  All have their pages and downloads up.  Enjoy!

February 2007 - Home Sweet Home.
Not only my sentiment upon returning from Nicaragua, but also our newest BoE scenario by Desert Pl@h.  It has it's own page with download now.  I'm also working on getting BoE author sites linked to on their respective scenario pages.  Bain said he was gonna help me make quick work of that... I think I have it pretty much done now.  I also added a Spiderweb Software related site listing to the left.  If you find any ones I've missed or you've just made your own, feel free to let me know and I'll update them, asap.

January 2007 - Year end review.
We all love statistics, don't we?  I've compiled a little list of all the things we've done together to improve TrueSite over the last year.

*Graphics put up - 2519
*Walkthroughs added - 14
*Maps added - 21
*BoA scenarios and utilities added - 16
*BoE scenarios and utilities added - 6

Just think of all the man hours put in to get it all done.  Thanks for your help!  Let's make this year even better.

In other news, this month The Lurker made a map for Echoes' Red Sea Maze, TGM and I made a few terrain graphics, and Jayne Holt is now credited correctly for her graphics.  All updated.

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